Mississippi Department of corrections Fails Essay

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Mississippi Department of corrections Fails

Mississippi Department of corrections Fails to provide proper care and fulfill their constitutional obligations to prisoners in privately owned prison. MDOC considers themselves above the law, and fails to hold up their responsibilities under constitutional laws. They do what they want when they want without concern to anyone. They do not provide adequate and safe meals, nor do they provide proper health care, and in general do not abide by the Mississippi state laws they have committed to punishing others for.

They give contracts to privately owned companies from other states, whom honestly could care less about the inmates or the people of Mississippi and are only taking the contracts for the purpose of money gain. MDOC hit with lawsuit over” Inhumane conditions” at prison!!! Chris Davis on May 30th, 2013 filed a lawsuit in Jackson, Ms. Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern poverty Law alleges the Mississippi Department of Corrections has forgotten it’s constitutional obligations to its prisoners at the East Mississippi Correctional facility, a privately run prison under state supervision in Lauderdale County.

The suit seeks “injunctive relief” meaning Mississippi must improve conditions to the satisfaction of the plaintiffs to settle the suit “ East Mississippi Correctional Facility is a destination for individuals who suffer from mental illness”, says Owens. Unfortunately, while they are supposed to get treatment, they get nothing of the like. The conduct that happens there is a shock to the conscience of a civilized society. The most vulnerable continue to be exploited, abused and in some cases tortured. There are also situations where inmates are not provided with proper care or living conditions. (Judy Owens Audio)” some of the conditions are inmates who ask for treatment have been responded to with fire extinguishers and/ or faced with pepper spray, just for asking for help. News Mississippi immediately reached out to the Ms. Dept. of Corrections for their reaction and their comment was; “we have not been served, we will respond in court,” said spokesperson Tara Booth. Owens said the SPLC tried to meet with MDOC but was turned down.

Owens also says he knows about budget problems within the department but he believes that does not relieve them of their constitutional obligations to prisoners. “This is a case about decency and treating people with respect,” said ACLU Att. Gabe Eber. ” When you take a group of seriously mentally ill people and house them in filthy conditions, deny them basic medical and mental health care, you beat them and let them suffer abuse…. that’s a predictable recipe for disaster, But it’s got a fix!!! www. newsms. m/corrections-hit-with-lawsuit-over-inhumane-conditions-at-prison- We need a plan to fix the prisons and a commitment to follow through with that plan. I personally believe one solution to fix this problem is that Mississippi should manage their own prisons and stop hiring the job out to private out of state management contractors, that could care less about the people in our state . This would also save our state a lot of money to go toward much better things like homeless shelters for our homeless people or to feed our hungry people. What do you think? Shouldn’t Mississippi take care of their own?

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