Mission Statement of Nokia Essay

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Mission Statement of Nokia

Nokia Corporation defines its mission to connect people through mobile phone technology and quotes its mission statement as follows; “Our strategic intent is to build great mobile products our job is to enable billions of people everywhere to get connected.”

Operations Management Mission of Nokia:

Nokia Goals and objectives in the market are as follows:
To build great mobile products.
To help people feel near to what matters to them.
To enable billions of people to get more of life’s opportunities through mobiles. To capture volume and value growth to connect the next billion people to the Internet in developing growth markets.

OM Department Mission of Nokia:

Product design: Nokia cares about developing products that meet specific need of its customers. Thus for example, all the products of Business Solution mode are tailored to the requirement of specific entrepreneur seeking the optimal solution for him. While in mobile phone section, the lifestyle of the target group is also analyzed.

Quality Management: As the customer is the driving force in Nokia, so managing the quality is started with familiar with customer requirements and then processes are continuously improved according to the feedback received from the customers.

Process Design: Nokia has design the capacity to ensure meeting all the demand (capacity built in view of demand supports the credibility of Nokia).

Location: As a global company, Nokia operates in over 130 countries with the headquartered in Espoo in Finland, in the origins of Nokia. To create cutting edge technologies, it carries out researches in technologically advanced countries. Moreover, according to its diversity and location policy, Nokia wants to cooperate with companies form different locations as gaining new markets is one of the company’s goals.

Layout Design: Nokia as an international company also uses global manufacturing network that gives them the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand and technology. They have suppliers in all parts of the world so that they can easily introduce changes to their processes and the utilization of resources is optimal.

Human Resources: One of the Nokia strength is the employees. That’s why it aims to create them the best working environment and growth opportunities. It conducts several programs to encourage them to submit their own ideas and contribute to the company’s growth such as ´Listening to You´ annual survey or conducted by intranet “Ask HR” that gives a quick and openly published response for all queries.

Supply Chain Management: Nokia’s supply chain includes direct sourcing (material supply for Nokia products, such as components, parts, packaging, contract manufacturing, software development, and research and development) and indirect sourcing (office equipment, services etc.)

Inventory: Thanks to joint ventures and close cooperation with their supplier, Nokia can optimize their inventory levels. The suppliers as Nokia partners also participate in product development process, what helps better assess the needs of the future production. Efficient management of the inventory is also supported by the diversification of the location of suppliers. Moreover Nokia builds its inventory in view of demand, minimum levels of the inventory has to be maintained.

Scheduling: Average life cycle of a mobile phone is about 2 years and during one year many new models are introduced. That’s why production of one line of products is done simultaneously with the research and design process of new products. Scheduling and taking measures in anticipation of new ventures is in this case a critical issue.

Maintenance: Providing training and development for their employees is one of the Nokia’s promises. They pay much attention to be in touch with all new technologies and maintained the high level of well trained staff.

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