Mission and Vision Statements of Google and Yahoo

Part I

In the internet world, there are many different website search engine that are trying to be the dominate website search. Over the years there have been new website search engines trying to pave their way on being a better search engine, however only two website search engine have been more popular to the world for years: Google and Yahoo. Both, Google and Yahoo have been the more popular pick when an internet user uses a website search engine. But why is it that more internet users prefer Google and Yahoo over Bing or Ask.

com just to name a couple. Both web search engines are similar but can be difficult from each other in different ways. It could be because of what their mission is, as a company, that separates the two.

Google: Mission Statement

Google’s mission, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, speaks about their goal and gives the company a future to continue to strive.

Their statement states that the company is a web search engine on the internet that can be used by anyone and for any reason. If someone is researching information for a research paper or a simple question that can not be answered by someone; there are numerous and multiple ways for internet users Google for any reason. Because the mission statement is so broad, it allows for the company to use any type or format to organize information.

“Sometimes we think libraries should sue Google because its mission—to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful—duplicates the mission of the library” (Nesta,2006).

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With Google becoming, almost an online library to the internet user, their web search engine doesn’t limit the search or the use of the internet in its present form.

Their mission statement is somewhat paints a picture to the internet consumer because their declaration on “organiz[ing] the world’s information” and to be “universally accessible”. Google’s mission statement is not limiting themselves, but it gives Google a direction of flexibility, broad, and desirable motivation on improving the Company. Because the Company’s goal does not strict what their goal is, it allows their virtual service /products and physical products to will be respected. One example that Google’s mission statement did not restrict the Company’s point of view is Youtube. “Google’s YouTube.

The eight-year-old video-sharing website is a juggernaut in its own right: Viewership grew about 50% in the past 12 months, an astounding growth rate for a site that attracts 1 billion users each month globally. Viewers consume 6 billion hours of YouTube videos monthly — that’s almost one hour for every person on the planet. (…) They’re having a level of success that is breathtaking” (Fortune, 2013). “Google, which has made making money on YouTube a top priority said (…) it has added visitordemographicinformation to its analytics tool for advertisers on the popular videosite” (Business Insight Essential, 2008).

Google’s goal is a strong focus that makes their mission statement motivational and original because of it tell the audience that the Company is looking for project that are much larger and long-term versus other companies in the same Industry. The mission statement will probably not change because Google has been successful in what the Company has accomplished. With how the future is looking like with the internet continuing to help the users, Google has set itself up well into the future with their long-term vision.

Yahoo: Mission Statement

Yahoo’s mission, “to be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses”, speaks about their goal and gives the company a future to continue to strive. Their statement states that Yahoo is a web search engine on the internet that their services can be used t consumers and businesses anywhere around the world. An internet users can be a consumer who is checking up on the current events in Europe when he / she lives in the United States of America or someone who is in a business researching ways to improve their business overseas or how to impress their boss.

There are unlimited reasons to consumers and businesses to use Yahoo, globally and around the world. Yahoo’s mission statement also paves a way for every individual to use the web search engine how he or she would like. Yahoo’s vision “to be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses” can allow consumers and businesses to express their vision to deliver their world in their own way.

With Yahoo’s mission statement goal it allows the audience to have a board way on how the website is being more involve with the ‘everyday person’ by having their internet world, through their eyes. With no limits that Yahoo’s goal expresses, Yahoo gives their company a direction of broad, desirable motivation on improving the Company, and to be helpful to the ‘everyday’ person and business. “Yahoo is about making the world’s daily habit more inspiring and entertaining” (Fast Company, 2013).

With Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Meyer, “[she] wants to create a complete profile of everything you love, which will result in more personalized content” (Fast Company, 2013). One example on how Yahoo’s mission statement allows the “global Internet service for consumers and businesses is Flickr. With “Flickr’s current subscription pool is in the “tens of billions”” (Business Insights Essentials, 2013). “Flickr is the best photo-sharing service” (PC Magazine, 2014).

Yahoo’s goal is a strong, global and social focus that makes their mission statement motivational and original because the statement tells the internet users that the Company is looking to keep improving on their projects to become larger and long-term. The mission statement could change because Yahoo’s mission statement has changed in the past due to their events, like a new CEO. Their goal, however, will not change because the website itself has done a revamp on numerous things. But Yahoo still keeps their mission that same, which is providing the essential tools to create what the internet user wants their their vision. With the changes that Yahoo has been in the past to get to how the site is today, Yahoo has set itself up to do well in the future with their long-term vision, especially ‘connecting everyone together’. Difference of the Two Organizations Based on the Mission Statement:

Both companies appears to have some similarities but are heading into a different direction. The different between the two, Google and Yahoo, mission statement is that Google is a more board than Yahoo. Google’s mission statement leads the audience to wonder that is it that Google will do next with technology and research results. The Company is more concern on how to thrive in the world’s information and have it universally accessible. Google leans more towards perfecting the organization the world’s information, and categorizing everything. Google has taken a different approach on connecting the internet users, which could be the reason why more consumers lean to Google’s success in search. Google promotes their website to allow consumers to have their research results in more of a ‘research like’ than connecting with the entire world.

Yahoo, on the other hand, is leaning more towards the social aspect of the consumer and businesses. Yahoo promotes more of the social aspect and the world with global current events, and not so much on ‘research like’, like Google is. The Company leads the audience with how the website is going to keep the ‘everyday’ person and business connected with the world in any event. Yahoo emphasis the internet user on their life experience and keep their users connect with people, their passion, and communities.

Part II

The company that I have selected in the pair to respond the questions is Google. Google responds to the issue of social responsibility such as education, poverty alleviation, disability aid, healthcare, women and children, arts and culture, and community development. An example that Google had an encounter with social issues was back in 2010 with Europe. “Google was forced to defend itself in Europe after facing three separate accusations of breaching privacy to antitrust rules last week, which raised serious concerns about the internet search giant’s social responsibility” (Business Insights Essentials, 2010).

Another example of Google taking on a social issue is one that has been occurring in the news recently with the EU. Google is the main web search engine internet in the EU, and is having fines, lawsuits and is getting sued as much or more of six billion euros. The way the Google is responding to this recent case or fine against them is Google does not see what the site has done wrong to EU. The EU has present cases to Google, however Google doesn’t seem to be worried about the fines that will come ahead with their settlement.

An example that Google paraphrases is in the educational department. Google has many scholarships that the Company offers students. Some of the scholarships are: Google Lime Scholarship, The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, and Google “Camp Volunteer Stars” Scholarship. I believe that these activities are appropriate because Google is giving students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and education without the stress of paying. Scholarships can also help motivate students to continue their school journey and research the education goals, regardless.

SWOT: Google

  • Helpful
  • Harmful
  • Strength
  • Open source products and services
  • Access to the widest group of internet users worldwide
  • Weakness
  • Patent litigation
  • One source of income
  • Opportunities
  • Growing number of mobile internet
  • Growing into electronics industry
  • Threats
  • EU antitrust law
  • Competition with Microsoft

Weakness to Strength

Google can change their weakness on Patent litigation is to find alternative ways to pay for these litigation and have a schedule from start to finish. This will allow Google to be aware how much he cost is going to be and how long it will take. Google also needs to focus on finishing up whatever it is the Company has started and have it finished versus starting something, and abandoning. Another issue that Google needs to tackle is to find other sources of income, other than adverting/advertisement. Even though Google is trying to push products, it is taking too long for the products to hit the consumers. Google can invest in an application for smart phones or something similar in that field to obtain more income.

Threats to Opportunities

Google can eliminate its threat with the EU antitrust law by ensuring that Google is not in a dominating position in the internet search engine. Google can suggest EU countries to have a different internet search engine when internet users are online. Since Microsoft is a competition to Google, Google can offer to work with Microsoft in a project or more for the threat to vanish.

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