Mismatch between Supply and Demand Essay

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Mismatch between Supply and Demand

(a) Natural environment = they are actually doing things that will help our environment be healthy. We are human beings and these environments are our necessary needs and they are taking good care of these, so when something natural hazards happen in the future, people will start to realize that Yuhan-Kimberly took care of the environment for our own goods. 우리의 삶과 질을 향상시키는것 (b) Economic = They are contributing some of their profits to the society. People will someday realize these contributions and therefore, will buy Yuhan-Kimberly’s products, which means their revenue will go up.

Consumers these days are smart and thinking and we have to realize this fact. (c) Demographic = Yuhan-Kimberly has been planting trees and donating to many other countries other than Korea. This is not an easy thing. Although the purpose of planting trees in China and Mongolia was to help protect Korean citizens from being sick from the winds that blow from these regions but their action has actually helped Chinese and Mongolians as well. These two countries are big countries with lots of potential power. By keep contributing to these countries, Yuhan-Kimberly would be able to branch out their markets to more regions.

Threats in their long-term marketing environment (a) Natural environment = The fact that main products of Yuhan-Kimberly is of using all the natural resources, they would need to consistently appeal that they are really thinking about their environment just like now, but there will also need to be something new to remind their customers about it. (b) Economic = All the other companies are trying to follow the model of being ‘green.’ That means there are no points of differentiation at this point from Yuhan-Kimberly and all the other corporations.

Consumers are smart these days. They know and care about companies’ they buy products from. Because business play a pivotal role in job and wealth creation in society, CSR is a central management concern. It positions companies to both proactively manage risks and take advantage of opportunities, especially with respect to their corporate reputation and broad engagement of stakeholders. Globalization

Guidelines from the governments and intergovernmental bodies (UN) Advances in communications technology- easier to track corporate activities and disseminate information about the corporation- people do not like companies who do bad things. Consumers and investors are showing increasing interest in supporting responsible business practices and are demanding more information on how companies are addressing risks and opportunities related to social and environmental issues. Increasing awareness from consumers / investors/ governments

4. (a) Invested lots of money to develop functionally superior and comfortable products- made it to fit Korean consumers (b) Used non celebrity – usually college students (mostly feminine products are used by college students – attack these 마음) © they took considerations on how to make specialized products for Korean consumers (체형/ needs) (d) has their own research and development center  they took consideration on their consumer’s culture (한국은 마루바닥이니깐 기저귀가 좀 더 헐렁해도 오물들이 새도 닦을 수 있으니 괜찮음) /

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