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Mischievous and popular Essay

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Puck also known as Robin Good Fellow plays an extremely entertaining part in Shakespeare’s “a midsummer’s night dream”. He is no ordinary character; he enjoys playing practical jokes on mortals. Oberon the King of fairies (also his master), seems to admire Puck because Puck keeps Oberon amused with his antics. In this essay, I will be focusing on Pucks character and how he is amusing, mischievous and popular. The following extract from a midsummer’s night dream is particularly appropriate because it describes how amusing Puck finds the events that proceed during the play. It also gives you an idea of what the events are.

“And those things do best please me that befall preposterously”. During the play puck finds the events that take place astonishingly humorous. It shows that he finds the incident comical because in the text it quotes “those things do best please me”. Another example is that he finds the matter ridiculous, ludicrous and absurd. “… that befall preposterously”. In addition Shakespeare portrays Puck as a mischievous spirit, “Mislead night wanderers laughing at their harm”. This suggests that Puck is childish yet naive. I think Puck has a limited understanding of the consequences of his jesters.

This quote also indicates that Puck is not vile but in turn immature. “… laughing at their harm”. When mortals are in danger, instead of helping them, he will make the situation direr. He is innocent minded. “Mislead night wanderers… “. Furthermore, although Puck is a servant of King Oberon, he is popular due to his cunningness and wit. This is shown in the text. “Or else you are that shrewd and knavish spirit called Robin Good Fellow”. This implies that Puck is enormously popular that he has his own nickname. Fairies have heard of him even though he doesn’t know them. His quality is so vibrant.

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In the quote, Puck is identified as shrewd because puck is crafty, astute and wise. He is also acknowledged as knavish, in other words an unprincipled servant. From the play we can tell that Puck is a mystical being. This should be represented in his clothes. In my opinion, I imagine Puck wearing enigmatic clothes such as a white sparkling garment with golden wings. It could also be represented in his speech. Shakespeare depicts Puck as a mischievous, amusing and popular character through his excellent choice of words. This gives a chance for the reader to empathize with the devious Puck.

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