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Mirrors play an important role as they reflect her mental stateAs two

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (715 words)
Categories: Art, Music, State, The Beatles
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Mirrors play an important role as they reflect her mental state.As two mirrors are shown at one time it represents two roles of Nina as both being white and black swan. She started seeing her own scary reflections in the mirrors.It shows that these mirrors were controlling her life and she is always enclosed in those mirrors. She doesn’t have any control over herself. At the end of the movie, she fights her own reflection in the mirror and she end up breaking that mirror and freed herself from her innocence and turns into a black swan.

Everytime she looks in the mirror she feels bad about herself that she’s not perfect.The great theorist “Kovel finds in Freud’s Interpretations of Dreams that “people are terrified of their inner selves,” hence drawn to a fantasy whose unreality they disguise, from themselves and from others, as normal behavior.”According to this theory the author says that people are afraid to show their true inner selves and therefore take on other personas to hide the truth about themselves from themselves and others.

This connects to the main character Nina as although she may feel she is putting on a facade in becoming the black swan, but actually she is truly is on the inside. She goes so crazy that she started seeing an “anti-Nina” in the mirrors. She sees inanimate objects, such as soft toys and her mother paintings making fun of her for not being perfect. At the beginning of the movie, when she performed ballet dance for the first time, she thought she was a perfectionist, but her instructor asked her to practice harder. Her teacher even sexually harassed her but that didn’t affect her as she was so into her dance,which shows that dance was basically her life.She was living for dance and wanted to become a perfectionist. Theorist Freaud also assert, however, that artists possess special abilities that differentiate them radically from the patently neurotic personality.The artistic person,for example, possess to an especially high degree the power to sublimate” In this theory the author feels that artists’ abilities create personalities different from those who are not necessarily creative types. They, for example, have the ability to create art as a product of their emotions.For example in this movie,Nina’s emotions are reflected in her dance.Since dance is her life, she was able to express herself well through her dance. The extreme juxtaposition of the roles she’s trying to fit cause her to start overworking herself. She cut her toenails in order to be perfect,she peeled off her skin in order to look like a black swan. She was so obsessed with black swan that started believing that she is physically transformed into a black swan,she continuously scratches one part of her back hoping that she will grow black wings and will be able to play the role of black swan perfectly.The Black swan represented freedom and adulthood, so the moment Nina became a black swan she lost all innocence and childhood and became an adult.Now she was able to perform the part of black swan perfectly but she couldn’t perform the role of white swan as she had lost that innocence. The mark on her back, from where black wings started growing,but that was also her imagination,the weird statue that she saw which has wings and at the end of the movie when she dances we saw the wings growing out of her. The black wings symbolises that she had completely transformed into a black swan and wings also represents that she had got her freedom into a dark world,she was thinking that it was a new beginning for her but that was her end. Her visions drive her crazy because she fails to differentiate between what is real and what is not.Lilly played the role of black swan really well because she represented evil and darkness.Nina was jealous of her and she wanted to become like her. Nina was so into her mind that she started thinking that Lilly was after her. Nina started to see her faces and shadows in other people. She started seeing Lilly in herself so she stabs herself with a broken piece of glass assuming that she has stabbed Lilly. Nina has to cost her life in order to achieve perfection.

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