Miracle Child Brings Hope to Family Essay

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Miracle Child Brings Hope to Family

Christina Vara had not imagined of ever being a mother, but the time she realized she was carrying one in her womb, she vowed to take good of the new born. All necessary preparations were prioritized and together with her husband, Rafael Ruiz, were eager to be parents. Unfortunately after the ultra sound, they could read the nurse’s face which showed that something awful could happen to either Christina or the baby.

Sure enough, the baby’s intestines, liver and other organs were outside her stomach; a birth defect referred to as giant Omphalocele, which the parents were not aware of. There was no other alternative other than for the two parents-to-be to travel to a children’s hospital in Texas for the child’s treatment. Approximately a year and half later, Rafael and Christina purposed to create awareness of this child birth defect to the community, although theirs was not yet born, since everyone was susceptible to the same.

Despite the fact that the probability of the child living was almost not there and many had suggested to her to get rid of the pregnancy, Christina purposed to provide the excellent treatment she could to the child. To her, Beatrice Hope Ruiz, was a miracle child (Brown, 2010). In Texas Children’s hospital, Christina underwent a C-section surgery which turned out to be successful and the child fortunately survived though the intestines still hung outside. Their doctor was humane and accommodative.

Besides, he taught them how they were to wrap the delicate protruding organs carefully on the child’s stomach. Once discharged out of the hospitals, things were tough for them; ranging from frequently changing the organ wrappers to understanding the various ways of holding her without necessarily causing the slightest harm to the delicate organs (Brown, 2010). Not before long, another major challenge of a new surgery to the child so as to contain these organs in her body faced them. This fostered a great confront to the doctors because Beatrice’s liver was very large.

Though worried of the surgery outcomes, the child’s once more survived. Christina testifies that Beatrice was a miracle up to date and though not planning to bear another child; she will continue bringing up Beatrice. Rafael was determined not to be a contributor of the increasing numbers of fatherless children in America. Moreover, he was purposed to provide for his family and pin down the culture that had nurtured the concept of fathers being understood as unessential in the family.

In his humane actions to aid Christina through out the child nursing period, he proves wrong the fact that the state is bestowed with the principal role to adequately provide for the children’s upkeep through child-care facilities and welfare checks. Though both parents were not financially stable, they opted to raise their child caringly. Rafael and Christina took the initiative to educate the community about giant Omphalocele thus civilizing them. Their aim was to make the community rightly understand and value the role of parents in not only species propagation but also in help nurture socialization (Horn, 1997).

Rafael becomes a virtuous national through his voluntary decision to give a hand in bringing up their child. Although Beatrice is hardly two years of age now, she will grow up as a social and responsible child since their parents have devoted themselves to stand with her in everything and provide for her needs. References Brown, R. (2010). Miracle child brings “Hope” to family. Retrieved on 29 July 2010 from <http://panews. com/local/x93716291/Miracle-child-brings-Hope-to-family> Horn, W. F. (1997). Why there is no substitute for parents.

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