Minority: United States and Minorities

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What do members of minority groups gain and lose as they go through a procedure of assimilation the process by which minorities slowly embrace patterns of the dominant culture. As a minority you acquire and lose it can be favorable or unfavorable. Every culture is different as we all called a minority you need to adjust to the standards. As a minority you get certain things such as learning a new language although it might be very difficult, offered the right for a better education, being self-reliance the right to do what you please.

You may lose conventional food conventional habits, leaving family behind. Nevertheless its typical. I experience many of these circumstance when I came here in a America as minority is was extremely challenging and a huge change since as I aged I saw and felt undesirable by majority of individuals living here you can tell by the negative stereotypes and discrimination But these situation occurred all over the world.

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When I came here I got a self of independence going to school, working purchasing and things I prefer to have, and going anywhere I felt like going.

In contrast. iving in my country as female I didn’t really have much self-reliance although I was young I comprehend, however a lot of female went to school however typically they stay home they don’t work the male pays the expenses buys whatever needed for your home. I left my family behind however I also have family here and were all doing things to better our self in the future by going to school and become whoever we wish to be that’s the charm of America.

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According to Macionis” Minorities have 2 essential characteristics. Initially, society imposes on them a distinct identity, which might be based on physical or cultural qualities.

Second, minorities experience subordination. As this chapter shows, U. S. minorities typically have lower income, lower occupational prestige, and limited schooling. Class, race and ethnicity, as well as gender, are overlapping and reinforcing dimensions of social stratification. The Thinking About Diversity box on page 278 describes the struggles of recent Latin American immigrants to the Unites States. ” (Macionis 277) As Macionis mentioned this is very true that minorities have lower income in my opinion it has a lot to do with racism which makes it hard to find a job and be able to sustain yourself and your family.

As a minority in my nine family household most of us work but we still struggle to make ends meet. Also I thing as a minority in any country it’s very hard it takes years to adjust to the new culture and people. I think that some ways we can improve the contemporary American relation on a family level is to reach out to neighbors and community not being judgmental, get to know people as individuals not as a stereotype. At the community level/ school: join clubs or activities that are inclusive of all minorities.

Town /cities policies: enforcing equal opportunity laws housing, availability for schools, support services. U. S. government: funding to help minorities be successful here, visas to immigrate here All of these will help build relationship with minorities and see then as individual not a stereotype. In conclusion we do gain and lose certain things we admire by moving to a different country or region but having the advantage to experience different part of the world is exciting you learn new things each day. And no part of the world is perfect your always going to finds things you like or dislike about a place but as long as take advantage of knowing who you are and be yourself and learn to adopt to new things that’s all that matters.

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Minority: United States and Minorities

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