Minimum Wages in the United States

Minimum Wages in the United States

All through the United States and among various countries in the world, the discussion of minimum wages has been a subject of debate as some argue that they’re not aiding our economy to- wards improvement, but rather affects it negatively as according to the sources, minimum wages in- er that counterattack that the implementation of crease unemployment. Nonetheless, there a . A minimum wage is the mini- minimum wages is a way of improving or eco num salary per hour that person can earn in a job in order to survive or be considered above the poverty line.

In support of minimum wages, and the increasing of it, Dwight Lee presents in the second page of the article The Minimum Wage Can Harm Workers by Reducing Unemployment that “The s (1980a. 1980b). Who has most complete analysis of that increase will generally be less than the nown that the unemployment e standard analysis predicts, and the increase can harm even those workers who remain em- ployed.

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” These arguments present the facts that are mostly talked about in relation to minimum wages , and that is the argument that if minimum wages are increased, then workers will be even unemployment according to more expensive for small businesses. T se who remain employed Lee, but it “reduces employment and harms all affected workers, ev increasing the minimum wage it the higher wage. But nothing in the analysis so far s can reduce unemployment.” Nonetheless, Dwight also further counter argues that ” As the minimum wage increases, more firms can be expected to begin eliminating fringe bene- fits, with further increases in unemployment being moderated, and eventually reversed with a re- duction in unemployment.

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” Another argument that Dwight Lee provides in page six of the article is that diverse compa- nies pay for small expenses like medical insurance for their workers, which reduces the monthly ex- penses of basic needs for these workers.

This could lead to the presumption that if these expenses re subtracted from their monthly bill, then the minimum wage earned would actually be enough to survive above the poverty line. In support of the minimum wage in the United States, the AFL-CIO on H.R. 37744 was cre- ted. This is “a bill to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act, to increase the minimum wage and to ensure that the minimum wage be maintained at provide for an automatic mechanism in 60 per cent of average hourly earnings in manufacturing.” This bill pro- vided stability for workers, and prevented injustice or discrimination towards workers by the time hat paychecks were signed. The goal of this bill was to improve our economy by decreasing poverty rates. Andrew Biemiller also assesses on the direct idea of increasing the minimum wag be in the federal minimum wage is essential to He supports it by claiming that “this immediate incr bring low-wage workers and their families above the federal government’s poverty level.” Nonetheless, in the con side of the argument about the increase and overall idea of minimum wages, Jack Carlson presents his opinion by arguing that “increase wages for some at the expense if unem- ployment for others.” This argument goes back to the previous argument made by Dwight Lee, where he explains how by increasing minimum wages, small businesses will not be gues that this will lead to unem- ble to afford all of their workers.

However, unlike Le ployment as most of these unaffordable capable workers will then be fired and inflation will in- crease, and cause unfair reduction in competition. Furthermore, Carlson continues his argument by stating that “common sense indicates that increases in wages above those paid in the market econ- my will result in less employment for those affected in two ways: First, it furthers discourages potential workers from searching from jobs, as formally measured by a lower participation in the abor force.  Second, it increases the number of workers searching for but unable to find jobs as measured by the unemployment rate.” The argument of whether minimum wages actually improve our economy and are actually a necessity presents valid arguments on both the pro and con sides, and could be consider a contro- versial argument as many individuals can bring arguments from different perspectives. Different re- alities can be taken into account when considering minimum wages, as for some workers the in crease in them would not be beneficial, while for others this would be life changing. The economy what supports our society, and how our employees benefit from it define its success, and like Churchill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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