Minimum Wage is Not Sufficient to Live Life Comfortably

Minimum wage is great when people are starting out, but once people graduate from high school minimum wage is not even close to sufficient. People should not rely on jobs that only pay minimum wage; they need to understand that minimum wage is just to start out. Knowing a skill is necessary to break free from the confines of minimum wage. While an individual is attending high school, a minimum wage job is a great learning experience. But, after somebody graduates minimum wage will no longer be sufficient to sustain a comfortable life, without living on welfare, or living off of ones parents.

High school graduates need to understand that they have graduated, and are now part of the real working world. Once a person graduates high school, they will want to live the American Dream which is to get married, own a house, have a couple of kids, have a late model car, and live happily ever after.

This is not possible while somebody is earning minimum wage.

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Paying for a house, car, and family, is really hard to do when earning minimum wage. Minimum wage is a starting point in the working world; it isn t something that people should rely on to provide everything. Minimum wage is exactly what it means minimum. People that earn minimum wage usually have minimum experience. When people settle for minimum wage, they will start relying on other people for help some even rely on Welfare. People depend on Welfare too much; the entire point of Welfare is to help get people with financial hardships back on there feet.

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Some people live their entire lives while being supported by taxpayers. When people live off the government all their lives they are showing their kids that they dont have to work hard because they can always live off the government, and live off of what other people have worked hard for.

There are a few cases of people needing the Welfare service, but not very many. What can be done to earn more than minimum wage? Learn a skill. The possibilities for work are almost endless. People are not limited to earning minimum wage all their lives. There are so many opportunities out there, people just need to get off their butts and find them. There is always room for advancement. No matter what people do, if they learn to fully apply themselves, and look for opportunities there will always be a way to get further in life. Once people get off their butts and start applying themselves then they will start living the American Dream . It won t just come to them they will have earned it. Go ahead start out at a minimum wage job, just don t expect to live a comfortable life further up the road of life.

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