Minimising faiulures in the homeland intelligence security Essay

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Minimising faiulures in the homeland intelligence security

An intelligence community is a group or a coalition of organisation in the United State of America. It is part of the executive branch that is autonomous and works indipendently in matters related to security and investigation of crimes. The intelligence community is accountable to the president, the policy makers and other senior departments in the government of the united states to collect and gather the necessary information to ensure maximum security is maintained within the country as part of executing their mandate (Noftsinger at el, 2007).

The intelligence community has a definate method of carrying out their duties. The first step involves the identification of the problem that need to be sorted as a matter of security concern. Then a plan is laid on how the process is to go and the necessary data is collected. The collected data is put under scrutiny and strictly analysed by the intelligence experts. Later a report is compiled giving the reccomedations and suggestions regarding the security concern matter.

The report is then given to the president or the policy makers or even the millitary commanders depending on who required the investigation. However the intelligence community and especially the homeland intelligence security has not been without failures. To decreas the number of these failures the secrecy within the intelligence agents becomes very critical (Kivett, 2006). In this case the transmission of information from one point to the other should be guarded to the maximum to ensure that no leakage of information takes place.

Consequently it is prefferd that information should not be transmitted at all if it is not secured. Nevertheless, the secrecy that should be maintained is not wholly on all facets of the government. The intelligence community needs to share some neccessary ideas with other experts and organisations all over. The sharing of corporate ideas does not pose any danger to the security agencies as it reveals more of the other rival intention. Sharing of ideas should only be restricted for the millitary concepts and guarding as well as security matters.

Sharing of technological knowhow does not make the rival better than the intelligence community agencies in place (Beyer, 2004). The intelligence community in the united state have been very keen on the collection and sharing of the information. But the major failure is now involving connecting and understanding the intelligence. This failure can be reduced by ensuring that all high priority threats investigation are specifically and stictly assigned so that the responsibility can be shouldered on certain capacities. The investigation should be a an all time process.

A gap also exists between the report by the inteligence community and the distribution of that information therefore leading to a failure in the intelligence service. This failure can be reduced by ensuring that any report which has potential threat is distributed more effectivelly and measures taken. Furthermore the analytical process for the reports given should be strengthened with the incorporation of the intelligence experts to enhace more reliable information for execution. A failure in the homeland security intelligence is also experienced due to the lack of up to date technological equipments.

This leaves a gap for the threats and should be reduced by more advenced explosive detection capabilities at all points of interaction with other nations like the airports, the ports, and the boarder. For this to come to reality a great investment by the U. S government need to be done for the installations. The homeland intelligence security should also improve aviation screaning and security towards the international partnership. An improvement in the organisational or agencies system is also important for information to move smoothly and timely for actions to be taken before the damage occurs.

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