Minds Essay Topics

Meeting of minds

In what ways does this scene represent 2 characters crossing boundaries and understanding each other – a meeting of minds? The scene automatically has a sense of irony, as both Yolland and Maire both cannot understand a word each other is saying, this means communication was needed to be made in an alternate way, these ways… View Article

Hearts and Minds

Movies and documentaries have a way of touching the lives of many. For the most part, they are geared towards the exhibition of truths that are hidden from other people. The documentary, “Hearts and Minds”, mirrored the numerous difficulties experienced by the Vietnamese in the hands of the American soldiers. The harsh realities shown by… View Article

Modern Technology: Crippling Minds, Spreading Inefficiency

It is quite common to hear people claim that technological advancements have brought forth positive and beneficial changes to society and even the world. However, despite the truthfulness of such a statement in certain aspects, it still cannot be refuted that modern technology is also a source of numerous problems and concerns which may not… View Article