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Mind Control

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (704 words)
Categories: Mind
Downloads: 27
Views: 571

Have you ever walked a shopping center meaning to go to only one store, yet 2 hours later you’re still in the shopping center and you haven’t strolled into the only store you prepared to enter into? What pulled you into the other shops? You were simply walking down and all of an abrupt you smelled a whiff of some good aroma, so you walk into Abercrombie and Fitch. The smell hooked you in and then you started looking at clothing and the time simply got the very best of you and your money.

Abercrombie and Fitch used a type of mind control to hook you in and get you to stroll into their shop and after that buy their product. Today we will go over the subject of mind control, how it impacts us as students today, and how the media forms our perfects and values with mind control. Mind control is defined in psychology as Social Impact. Social impact happens every minute of every day.

It’s the lots of methods which people can manipulate other individuals’s viewpoints beliefs and principles.

For example, The Compliance Method is intent to make a shift in a person’s habits, not in his viewpoint or belief. This is one of the most significant marketing campaign that are being used so successfully today. It’s the “Just do it” method. Persuasion, on the other hand, intends for a modification in attitude, or “Do it because it will make you feel Blissful, Healthy, or flourishing.” Whereas the Education Approach (which is called the propaganda method if you don’t think what is being taught.) attempts to alter a distortion in an individual’s beliefs, saying something along the lines of “Do it due to the fact that you understand it’s the ideal thing to do.” A typical manner in which countless individuals get brainwashed as young adults is as being trainees. Grading, embarrassment, favoritism and other methods, are used in many school systems to penalize and reward specific habits and concepts. An abundance quantity of kids learn in school for example, that they are secondary, silly, inadequate, untalented, and failures thanks to absentmindedness or meant brainwashing done by teachers, who are typically themselves persuaded.

Students furthermore learn not to be creative, not to question authority, not to be individuals or do things that differ from the mainstream way. Subconsciously they dread the disciplinary action and humiliation that came when they were in school years before. This is mainly the reason many adults are afraid to ask their questions and thereafter never learn new things. This condition affects thousands worldwide and limits adult intellectual growth. Perhaps the most powerful, yet the least recognized form of brainwashing is in the media. The media affects our thought patterns, expectations, priorities and relationships. The advertising industry influences parents by making them feel that they can buy their children’s love. They accomplish this through linking love and guilt with the purchase of products.

Instead of being a good parent, they minimize they’re guilt by buying their kid the newest product on the market. Parents spend approximately 16 hours a week with their children; while they’re children spend about 40 hours a week on any sort of media. This shocking statistic shows just exactly what is most influential in a child’s life. The media especially preys on kids and teens under the age of 24, because this is when they’re brains are most impressionable. You’ve probably noticed many teenagers imitating the dress and even the speech patterns of the rich and famous. Take the Kardashian’s for example, how many girls do you see trying to talk like Kim or look like Kyle?

Isn’t it scary how easily influenced we are by what’s going on around us? Brainwashing happens every minute of every day. Whether it’s from the constant media were always hooked into, our upbringing or just the society we are living in today. Now that we are aware of what’s going on around us, we can make sure we agree with what is being fed to us and not just “do it” because were told it will make us feel a certain way, because it’s the right thing to do, or just do it because everyone else is.

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