Milo’s secret Essay

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Milo’s secret

I have chosen two very similar and intriguing cartoons to perform this examination based on information and knowledge I have gained from this study. The first newspaper cartoon is titled “Milo’s secret” involving a mischievous cat who gets into a bit of trouble by sneaking into his owner’s refrigerator while he is sleeping and gradually stealing food every day. All the while, the owner is, of course unaware of the feline perpetrator is is foraging for snacks. Eventually, the frisky feline steals and consumes so much food that he becomes fat and can no longer walk to even reach his own food bowl.

Thus, it is not exactly a happy ending for our furry friend. The second cartoon titled “ Dingy Dog” is about pesky little dog who just cannot stay out of trouble. He is constantly stealing food off of the table and always knocking things over. It is not until he is put outside in the rain that he learns his lesson that it is always better to be humble and wise than greedy and silly. The message in both of these stories is quite simple, speaking of discipline and humbleness. For every foolish act there is a punishment. For example, in the first story, the first cat became fat after stealing all of the food.

This was his punishment. In the second cartoon, the dog who just cannot behave himself no matter how many times he is scolded is punished by being put out into the rain. The difference between the two stories is that the cat had no owner there to scold him so he continued to sneak around, whereas the dog was repeatedly scolded and still persisted to disobey. The author of the cartoons used strong symbols to show emotions such as sweat marks to show how frustrated the owner of the dog was while he was scolding his dog.

He also used exclamation points and numerical symbols to show this. It would not have served him justice to simply put periods next to the owner of the dog to display his discontent and emotion with his pet. If I were to create a place card regarding the topic, it would say “Be careful what you do, because it will always come back to you. ” It was quite easy for me to establish my grounds for interpretation the authors meaning for the cartoons. It is merely a matter of reviewing the stories and depicting the emotions displayed and trying to put myself in the very same situation.

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