But even if Giles manages to keep Paris from disrupting his defence against his wife he still has Judge Danforth. Danforth accuses Giles of disrespecting the court and telling them what they should or should not believe. “Disrespect indeed! It is disruption, Mister. This is the highest court of the supreme government of this province, do you know it. ” From this court you can see that Danforth is very protective of his court and that no one outside of it knows what or what not to believe and that he has a great amount of power because he is always right due to his position in the court.

Reverend Hale was a man who was called to the village of Salem to look for any signs of witchcraft in the suspected victims. Hale is supposed to be a very knowledgeable man in the subject of witchcraft but he reads everything he knows from a series of books. Before, Hale signed a number of arrest and death warrants for people accused of witchcraft which he apparently agreed with.

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But when Giles Corey pleads with Danforth to hear him out, claiming he has evidence proving Martha Corey’s innocence and Danforth is set on the notion that Giles is only trying to disrupt the court, Hale speaks in defence of Giles. “Excellency, he claims hard evidence for his wife’s defence. I think in all justice you must -” but then Danforth interrupts him, stating that if should submit his evidence in proper affidavit.

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And that he had expected Hale to be aware of the court’s procedures.

From the way that Danforth talks to Hale, almost degrading him by saying that he surely knows the proceedings of the court in a tone of voice which in a way suggest that Danforth is disappointed in Hale because of his actions. This also shows that Hale, a very knowledgeable man who has witnessed many witch trials and is the one who has often confirmed whether or not there is witchery present is starting to lose faith in the court and they are losing sight of the true justice in the court.

As Francis Nurse, the wife of accused Rebecca Nurse joins Giles in accusing Rebecca Nurse of being innocent but he also causes quite a stir when he announces that the girls who have been supposedly seeing many of the villagers spirits and accusing them of witchcraft to the highest court of lying and that they are frauds. “We have proof of it. They are all deceiving you. ” Having the ego he has, Danforth takes this quite seriously as a lot of work and evidence is needed to convince Danforth that he is wrong about something, especially about a topic in which he has sentenced numerous people to death.

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