Milk and Fresh Fruit Juice Essay

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Milk and Fresh Fruit Juice

Breast milk can be produced fresh or can be frozen for use at a later date. Breast milk can be left for up to five days in a fridge with a tempeture of 4 degrees Celsius or lower, it can be left up to two weeks in the freezer compartment of a fridge. If the breast milk is frozen it can be left up to six months in a freezer with a tempeture of at least minus 18 degrees Celsius. It is recommended by the department of health that formula milk should be made fresh rather than made up in advance, for more convience liquid formula can be bought. If liquid formula isn’t available then a flask with boiling water can be made so formula can be made when needed. EYMP3-5.2

It is important to follow carer’s instructions regarding dietary requirements as some children will have severe reactions to some food. Diabetic children will have specific dietary requirements that need to be followed carefully because if not could lead to the child having low or high blood sugars. Children that have food intolerances may get diarrhoea if they are given foods that they are intolerant to. Children with known allergies should be supervised whilst eating. The signs of an allergic reaction are; swelling of the lips and eyes, redness of the face or other parts of the body. They could also start to itch or have difficulty breathing. Children with a severe may be prescribed an epi pen and training should be given before administrating. EYMP3-5.3

EYMP 3 – 5.4

Educating children in food management and portion control is very important as eating habits developed in childhood will continue into later life. Education starts with the parents and it is in the home where all children’s eating habits are formed. Leaflets should be given to parents when they give birth about properly feeding their children and the importance of nutritional value of food. Nurseries and schools should give regular newsletters to parents with the importance of nutritional value in foods. Educational establishments should educate children and parents about the importance of portion control and ensure that correct portion sizes are given.

This message can be reinformed with smaller plates. Health Visitors, school nurseries, health professionals and dieticians are all crucial in spreading the message to children and parents about the importance of healthy eating and portion control. They are also crucial in checking that children are gaining weight healthily but not too much. Encouraging lots of physical play in school/nursery will help in keeping childrens weight under control. Educating children in the importance of not bullying other children who are overweight is also very important.

SHC 32 – 1.1
Job description

Look after children and ensure they are kept healthy and safe Ensure all health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to Carry out risk assessments before any new activities/toys are introduced Devise educational and fun activities for children from age 4 to 11 Supervises activities Supervise children

Read to the children
Supervise toilet trips
Prepare healthy and nutricious snacks for children
Keep play areas clean and tidy
Assist children with homework
Baking with the children

SHC 32 1.2
I am expected to follow the following codes of practice:-

Safeguarding – ensuring that the children are kept safe whilst in our care and also be very observant as to what happens when the children are not in our care, ie if the children arrive with bruises or if they are upset, shaken or distressed when they arrive or as they are leaving. Also to make sure that other staff treat all the children well and do not mistreat any of them.

Whistleblowing Policy – ensuring that if there is anything that we do not feel comfortable about, for example if we feel that one of the staff members are behaving inappropriately towards any of the children, we are expected to report this to our Manager to ensure that action is taken to prevent further mistreatment.

Health & Safety at Work Act – acting responsibly in the environment in which we work. Ensuring that we follow all guidelines to keep our work place safe and that we keep ourselves, our colleagues and the children safe.

National minimum standards – EYFS Welfare Requirements – ensuring that children are developing properly in line with targets set for their ages.

National Occupational Standards – Ensuring that we conform to best practice set within the industry to make sure that we are complying with standards set.

SHC 32 – 2.3

Working practices may be affected if hypothetically my Manager decided that a game of hopscotch was not appropriate for the young children to play but, as a younger person, I believed that it was a safe game to play. I would have a discussion with my Manager and explain why I thought it was safe and my Manager would explain that she had carried out a risk assessment for Hopscotch and decided that it was inappropriate. In a previous role, I did not agree with the way a member of staff disciplined young children when she was unhappy with their behaviour. She shouted at the child without coming down to their level or explaining what the child did. I was uncomfortable with this and brought it to the attention of my Manager who addressed this with the member of staff. This gave me the confidence and experience to ensure that I was very aware of the way my colleagues behaved and to take appropriate action when required.

SHC 32 4.1

I have regular meetings with my Supervisor to discuss how I am progressing within my role and any feedback from parents or colleagues is passed on to me. I have regular meetings with my Manager to discuss my progression where I am asked if I need any additional help or whether I have any comments as to how we can make things better. I regularly meet with my colleagues to discuss planning and how we can make things better for the children and planning activities for the different age groups to ensure all our activities are consistent with each other.

I have regular appraisals to monitor my progress and to give and receive feedback about my role and development.

I have a college tutor who is there to help me develop my role, develop as an employee and develop my skills as I work towards my Level 3.

I frequently research new activities and legislation on the internet to consistently develop.

EYMP 4 – 4.1

It is key to review my practice to ensure that I am fully up to date with latest legislation as things change so frequently and it is important that children are always kept safe and parents are always kept fully informed.

It is important to think critically about what I do in my work and analyse how I do it and why I do it that way and asses the effectiveness of what I am doing at work and how I can become more effective. It is something that we need to do regularly to get a clearer picture of what we do in our roles and assess whether we are being really effective.

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