Military vs Civilian Government in Nigeria

With over 12 years of civilian government, can anyone point to any tangible or credible development in our nation apart from the over inflated GSM services which was done by the Obasanjo government and only one or two state governors performing above par. The rest are just useless, this has been the case with every democratic dispensation right from the first republic. The first republic was slightly better, save some regions. The second, third and the current crops are blatant real thieves in agbada and babariga.

Shame on the lot of them. I prefer the military as least we know where we stand and how far we can misbehave.

Most infrastructural developments in the country where done under the military regime e.g. – the famous lagos-ibadan expressway – Gowon, the plan was to make that expressway all the way to ilorin. – lagos international airport (known now as MMIA) – Gowon – building of oil refineries – Gowon – 3rd Mainland bridge – Babangida – effective law & order – Buhari – dealing with foreign companies (e.

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g British Airways) – Abacha – plain level exchange rate – Abacha – festac nigeria – Obasanjo -operation feed the nation – Obasanjo The list is endless, but our civilian governments have been just too merciless, taking jumbo pays and doing absolutely nothing. Someone can help us check, how many bills were passed last year, instead they are always eager or will fight if their allowances are being debated Unfortunately and this is sad, we in Nigeria are not yet ripe or intellectually developed to operate a democratic government What is needed is a real tough no nonsense military ruler, who specialises in kicking backsides.

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Military vs Civilian Government in Nigeria

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