Military Professional Appearance

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There are numerous requirements and expectations set forth in the United States Marine Corps on proper military appearance. I will describe the importance of obedience to the military code conduct in reference to MCO 6110.3 and MCO P1020.34G to cite its rules and regulations: to ensure Marines meet the standards of rules of regulations according to the importance of military appearance and the importance of maintaining proper hygiene.

Failure to meet these requirements will affect a Marine as an individual and the Marine’s leadership.

Marines should accept responsibility for their actions and not let failure recur, nor let fellow marines and subordinates repeat the same mistake. Since failure can be in regards to grooming and proper hygiene; in conjunction to MCO 6110.3 and MCO P1020.34G which covers the basis of military appearance, it would be pertinent to cover these subjects most thoroughly.

As a marine, it is crucial to maintain professional appearance on and off duty because you are a marine 24/7.

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When an individual joins the United States Marines Corps he/she agrees to follow and withstand a set of general and specific guidelines placed forth by our forefathers before us. These guidelines are expected to be upheld by every marine in the United States Marine Corps, whether thought to be stupid or mundane, every marine will meet these standards or punishment will ensue. Failure to do so results in prosecution under the UCMJ. These rules and regulation are important to maintain the Marine’s well being and the reflection of the Marine Corps.

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