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Military of Ancient Egypt

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 1 (244 words)
Categories: Ancient Egypt, Country, Egypt, World
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The first people that invented a bow were the Ancient Egyptians between the Paleolithic or early Mesolithic periods and in the Ancient times of Egypt, they used the bow around 20, 000BC. The Egyptians used the bow and arrow for hunting and warfare also the first-ever evidence of archery was in China by the powerful Shang Dynasty in 1766-1027BC. Also in Europe was no longer used or produced because in the 16th Century firearms were extra knowledged and were more improved than the bow.

An expert at archery is sometimes called a toxophilite also a lover of archery. People that made Medieval bows and arrows for the archers were called an artillator. That is helpful for both offense and defense and most civilizations had archers in their armies that were an ancient trend that kept on going in the medieval times. There are different types of arrows too such as many kinds of materials that could be used to produce the bow arrows also come in a couple of types with long bodkins and short bodkins.

Medieval Archers had a crucial role in a memorable battle such as the Battle of the Hastings when Norman the King assassinated Harold otherwise known as the King of England which then began a new era in England. Why the archers were important in this battle is that the Medieval archers initiated the movement of their formation and advanced ahead of the army and started to attack before.

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