Militarism in Japan: More Harm Than Good? Essay

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Militarism in Japan: More Harm Than Good?

The militarists caused more harm than good in Japan during their rule in the 1930s. Firstly, the militarists were able to control the opposition. The “Peace Preservation Law” was implemented, giving the government the right to arrest and imprison people whom they felt were a threat to the government. For example, those who criticised the government for suppressing political freedom were arrested. This was harmful to the people as many innocent people lost their jobs, and people had no freedom in political say too. The militarists clearly had tight control over people in Japan and suppressed freedom of the people. Therefore,the militarists caused more harm than good during their rule in the 1930s.

Secondly, the militarists controlled the education of students in Japan. The military army strictly supervised schools and dismissed teachers who promoted liberal ideas and human rights. They also banned foreign textbooks and rewrote textbooks. By rewriting textbooks, this means that the militarist are able to include their traditions ideas of self-sacrifice and total obedience. And by doing so, they would be able to instill and influence the children to support the militarist. The military also infused military training and brainwashed the children with traditional ideas.

This allowed the Japanese military to have a ready supply of patriotic soldiers who were willing to lay their lives down and sacrifice themselves for the good of Japan and to help build the country into an empire. This was harmful to the people as this caused many children to lose their lives and freedom by negatively brainwashing the children through Japanese propaganda by the militarists. Hence, the militarists caused more harm than good during their rule.

The militarists were able to control the workers. People lived in the blocks that the government provided. The living conditions were already bad,yet the Japanese did nothing to improve living conditions of the Japanese.Also, they were constantly being watched by the government. This hence shows that there was no freedom for the workers.The workers had no choice but to put the country’s welfare as a priority and work very hard despite these poor living conditions. Labour unions also emerged and focused on brainwashing the workers so that they would be obedient workers and would be willing to work for the common good of country. Hence, this shows that the government had control over them so that they would work hard for the country. Thus, the militarists caused more harm than good during their rule in 1930s.

However, the militarists provided work for the people. Jobs were provided in state funded building programmes and military service.Military service gave men a job for a year,helping them to make ends meet.With more jobs provided, unemployment is reduced. People were able to earn money to support their families after the Great Depression. Women were also brought into the workforce, adding much needed manpower to the workforce. This helped Japan recover economically from the Great Depression. Hence, the militarists also benefitted the people during their rule by providing work for them and contributing to the economy.

Another positive impact that the militarists brought was that they provided education for children. There was 6 years of free and compulsory education provided to all the children. This ensured that the children were equipped with the necessary basic skills to increase productivity in the workforce and hence improve and contribute to the economy in the future. The free education relieved the financial burden of Japanese families who might not have had enough money to send their children to school. Thus, the militarists had also benefitted the people by providing free and compulsory education for them.

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