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Miley Cyrus


Essay, Pages 3 (678 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (678 words)

Miley Cyrus has always been an important figure to me and to my identity. I begun my teenage years watching Hannah Montana every night before going to bed, listening to her songs as both, Miley and Hannah and I even used to learn the lyrics to every song that eventually helped me a lot to improve my english speaking skills. I also had Hannah Montana room appliances, posters and even my bedding was from the famous show.

As I see these pictures and also videos, followed by all the comments that are being posted about her everywhere from Youtube to Twitter and from Facebook to many gossip magazines everywhere I look.

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I feel hurt and I cannot imagine how much pressure she must be feeling at the moment. We live in a world that still doesn’t know how to appreciate and is full of hate that doesn’t go away easily. Personally, I don not have a problem with what she is doing, but I am really curious, I cannot understand how a person could change not only her appearance, her way of dressing but also her personality from night to morning.

I do not dislike who she is now, though I find it disturbing how being a role model to so many young girls she really doesn’t care about dancing in front of everyone in such an obscene way or posting pictures on her personal Instagram consuming drugs, for instance the picture where she is smoking a joint of weed.

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Girls that are still young and even older ones can totally follow these actions and do the same just because their idol is doing it, so in this way I don’t think she is doing the right thing. As long as I know, Miley did not have many cheerful times, the last six months of her busy life.

She struggled with many aspects of her personal life, just like we all do from time to time. Perhaps she did not know how to manage this in a different way so she decided to make a drastic change. Comparing the two pictures, the first one where her hair is long, she wears an acceptable dress and she smiles sweetly, the other picture below that one was at this year’s VMA’s and she is looks so much more outrageous, her hairstyle completely change, she went from long, brunette to short very light blonde hair.

She also changed her clothes and it seems that showing skin is something that makes her feel “better”, she does not smile but she pulls her tongue out of her mouth and makes signs with her hands. I understand her at this point because as a teenager, I feel how pressure starts to accumulate more in life everyday as I grow older, it is not easy to deal with everything, to find a balance in life.

Sometimes things don’t go very well or as planned, I get hurt, we all get hurt and we have to learn from mistakes but sometimes I want to be someone else, I want to change who I am and feel different, new and refreshed. From one side, I truly admire the way she reacts to the situation. She is being so critiqued on every move she does, everything she does will be known because she caused so much polemic that way too many people are just on her feet and will not stop wanting to see and know what she does.

The media follows her, portrays her in a negative way and she does not care, because she feels happy doing whatever she wants and being different. Cyrus has already spoken many times to the public answering to the public’s negative response and the way she answers it’s been so confident that it is very impressive. I think I have much to learn from her, not from the obscene dance moves and the lack of clothes in public. Instead, learn from the attitude she has taken and how strong she is by not letting comments and people bring her down.

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