Milestones in Professional Nursing

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The origin of professional organization was an important milestone in the development of professional nursing. In early period nursing was viewed as an extension of motherhood, midwifery or religious duty (advance practice nursing, (Denisco S.M, 2nd edition, P.7),and this primary nursing was job was carried out by the untrained people who just did it for room and board. Form here now nursing has grown to stage where we have DNP programs, nurse scientist, and many more advance practice roles.

. While looking to this development of nursing through the years in spite of strong opposition from the medical community nursing has gown and I believe the role of professional organization has been spectacular

The professional education created human mobility, more and more women came to nursing education this upward human mobilization helped a to argue for profession. And also collective efforts from these professionally educated nurses increase the power and provided a place for nursing in professional group

Human beings have a tendency to congregate, talk among themselves, and advocate for their causes.

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This has certainly occurred in nursing as evidenced by the breadth and depth of the various nursing groups that seek to enhance the work of nurses generally and in their specialty areas. There are over a hundred national nursing associations and many other international organizations. The website, Nursing Organization Links (NOL, 2011), maintains a web-based list of organizations. Among those hundreds of organization two of them need special emphasis, American nurses association (ANA) and National league of nursing (NLN)

The first nursing organization was American society of superintendent of training school (1893) they fought for uniform standard for nursing education and training and this society later became national league of nursing.

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The current ANA (1911)who is fighting for the rights of nurses representing 1.9 million nurses in USA, was originally formed as association of trained nurses of USA and Canada(1898).ANA worked hard to define the code of ethics for nurses, for the social policy as well to define the scope and practice of nursing. Regulation via licensure was an early major milestone in ensuring patient safety and quality of nurses. Moreover they played vital role in professional advancement by fostering high standard of nursing care, promotion of nurse’s rights at work place, projecting nurse’s roles in public health improvement, negotiate with the law makers, played a vital role in generating the energy, flow of ideas, and proactive work needed to maintain a healthy profession that advocates for the needs of its clients and nurses, and the trust of society.

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Milestones in Professional Nursing

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