Mikuni Sushi Rolls

Rolls with salmon
Pimp my roll, james, BMW, tasmanian, fresh, wonder, masa 3, 428, Bobs, Japanese Mafia, Mel,

Rolls with tuna
Incredible, Mel

Rolls with albacore (white) tuna
Midtown (garlic), Iron Chef

Rolls with eel
#99, James, James Dean, BMW, Judie 2, Peter 2, Tony 2, Spy Johnny, Benjamin

Rolls with hamachi
Mel, annie

Rolls with no avocado
fresh, tasmanian, 428, happy, Davis,

Rolls with Spicy Dream Sauces (not spicy)
Carmen, Peter 2, James,

Rolls with spicy tuna & panko shrimp
Annie, Kaiser(+cucumber&crab mix), Peter 2(+crab mix), Spicy Johnny, Pimp My Roll, Fiesta(just ebi+cucumber+crab mix),

Rolls with scallop
Marilyn Monroe, Japanese Mafia, 49’er Jack, James Dean,

Rolls with lobster
DMC, Carmen

Rolls that are torched
Benjamin, pimp my roll, japanese mafia, incredible, DMC, hang loose

Rolls that are vegetarian

Rolls that are GF
GF 1-4, Fresh (with gf ponzu)

Rolls with smoked salmon
Masa 3, Wonder, 428, Philadelphia

Rolls with cream cheese
Masa 3, Wonder, 428, James, Japanese Mafia, Michi, Bobs, Philadelphia

Rolls with sea steak
Michi, Judie 2, Peter 2, 49’er Jack, Benjamin, Annie, Trainwreck

Rolls with no sauces (for the most part)
Fresh(except ponzu on side), Mel, Tasmanian, Davis, Kappa Maki, Tuna Maki,

Rolls with ebi
Fiesta, #99

Rolls with soft shell crab (ssc)
Spider or SSC, zig zag, Tommy

(spicy tuna, ps) yellowtail, seared tuna, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(tuna, avocado, yellowtail, rice) wrapped in cucumber and soybean wrap, ponzu

(ps, crab mix) eel, seared tuna, jalapeños, avocado, torched, benjamín sauce, unagi sauce, mo

(ps, crab mix), avocado, eel, salmon, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(ps, crab mix, cream cheese) salmon, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(ps, crab mix, cream cheese), seared tuna, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(ps, crab mix) tuna, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(crab mix, spicy tuna), white tuna, seared tuna, masago & onion

(spicy tuna, shrimp, cucumber, crab mix) white tuna, cilantro, spicy ponzu, sweet teriyaki, masago

49’er Jack
(scallop, shrimp, crab mix) seared tuna, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

Japanese Mafia
(scallop, shrimp, crab mix, cream cheese) salmon, avocado, spicy dream red+scallop sauce, torched, unagi sauce, mo

Judie 2
(spicy tuna, crab mix) eel, seared tuna, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(spicy tuna, crab mix)

(cream cheese, cucumber, ps) smoked salmon, lemon, sriracha

(ps) yellowtail, tuna, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(ps, crab mix, cream cheese, cucumber, eel) salmon, spicy dream sauces, unagi sauce, mo

James Dean
(ps, crab mix) avocado, scallop, eel, unagi & FO sauce, mo

Fair Oaks
(ps) avocado, unagi & FO, mo

Marilyn Monroe
(ps, crab mix) scallop, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(spicy tuna) tuna, sriracha

Masa 3
(tuna, avocado, smoked salmon, cream cheese) salmon, lemon, masago

(smoked salmon, cream cheese) salmon, lemon, masago

(cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado) masago

Peter 2
(ps, spicy tuna, crab mix) seared tuna, eel, avocado, spicy dream sauces, unagi & FO sauce, mo

Tony 2
(ps, crab mix) tuna, hamachi, eel, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(spicy avocado blend, ps, crab mix) chopped eel & seared tuna mixed with sriracha & unagi sauce, onions, sesame seeds, zig zag sauce on bottom

(ps, spicy tuna, cucumber, crab mix) yellowtail, seared tuna, avocado, unagi & FO, mo)

(ps, spicy tuna) white tuna, tuna, avocado, spicy dream red & scallop sauce, torched, unagi, sriracha on side mo

(spicy tuna, ps, cucumber) garlic white tuna, unagi & sriracha, mo

Pimp My Roll
(spicy tuna, ps) salmon, avocado, torched, spicy dream red & scallop sauce, unagi sauce, mo, macadamia nuts

(tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, touch of wasabi)

(yellowtail and onion)

Spicy Salmon
(spicy salmon, cucumber) tenkasu, togarashi flakes

Spicy Tuna
(spicy tuna, cucumber), sesame seeds

Tekka Maki
tuna roll

Kappa Maki
cucumber roll

(salmon, cucumber) salmon, onion, ponzu

(salmon, asparagus) tasmanian ocean trout, lemon, yellow onion, green onion, chili oil

(kanikama, avocado) tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado, masago, onion)

(spicy avocado blend(which is zigzag+avocado+onions, df ssc) spicy tuna, crab mix, spicy dream sauces, onion, masago and soy bean wrapper

Hang Loose
(kanikama, avocado) salmon, creamy parmesan, torched, unagi sauce, mo)

Spicy Johnny
(spicy tuna, ps) eel, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(df lobster or panko shrimp, crab mix) spicy dream sauces, masago & onion

(chicken teriyaki, cream cheese) unagi sauce, sesame seeds

(ps, cream cheese) unagi sauce, sesame seeds

Una Cali
kanikama, avocado, unagi, sauce, masago

(ps), shrimp, eel, avocado, unagi & FO sauce, mo

(double ps, crab mix), avocado, shrimp, unagi & FO sauce, mo

Zig Zag SSC
(spicy avocado blend, df ssc) masago, onion

SSC Spider
(df ssc, avocado, cucumber, malware, FO sauce, mo)

df CA, ponzu

(sesame chicken) soy wrap, unagi sauce

(salmon skin, cucumber) unagi sauce, onion, sesame seeds

(kanikama, avocado) sesame seeds

CA 2
(kani mix, avocado) sesame seeds

Iron Chef
(ps) white tuna, smo

(blanched asparagus, avocado, mixed greens, inari, soy wrap)

Saving Nemo
(Avocado, cucumber) inari on top with salsa, ponzu,
teriyaki sauce, micro greens

tempura vegetable rol with special sauce, avocado, sesame seeds and onions (tempura veggies on top as well)

DMC (DeMarcus Cousins)
(Tempura lobster, Crab mix) white tuna, avocado, Benjamin sauce, soy wrap, tenkasu, torched

sriracha on the side

(eel, cucumber), sesame seeds, unagi sauce

panko shrimp (or ssc) in spicy avocado blend, masago, onion

Spicy Salmon HR
spicy salmon, cucumber

Mikey Handroll
panko shrimp, avocado, crab mix, sauce, masago & onion

Avo-Ebi ROll
avocado, shrimp

Spicy Scallop HR
spicy scallop, sauce, masago, onion

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