Midnight Sun by Trish Cook

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The book I chose to do this report on was Midnight Sun. This book was written by Trish Cook. This book genre is drama, romance, and a fiction book. The place of the story was a house, Katie Price’s house. The book was made in 2018 and published the same year.

The major character in this story is Katie Price, she is 18 years old. She has a great personality. Katie is smart, outgoing, nice, and funny. Katie had a dark blonde/ red hair, nice brown eyes, and light skin.

Katie plays the guitar, writes lyrics and poetry. Katie falls in love with her neighbor that has lived next to her for years. Katie Price has a disease that is called Xeroderma Pigmentosum or what is much called XP. With this disease that is very rare, the smallest amount of sunlight to your skin can be deadly. Katie is always inside her home due to not being able to go out during the daytime.

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Although she has a crush on her neighbor, his name is Charlie Reed. Charlie Reed is a swimmer. He is a great swimmer and might go to college and swim as well. Katie has a best friend or as Katie calls her “truly the best friend ever,” and her name is Morgan. They have been friends forever throughout their lives.

Have you read the book Midnight Sun? It is an amazing book that talks about a girls life with XP, that girl is Katie Price. She was never really allowed outside during the day time, only at night.

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Almost every night Katie would go to this train station and play her guitar and the songs she wrote. Katie usually only was with her best friend morgan, they didn’t go out as much until Charlie came along. When Charlie became Katie’s boyfriend, her dad let her go out at night with him. One day Charlie and Katie went out and they stayed out very late. Katie didn’t realize what time it was and she had to rush home because it was going to become daytime. Katie got home just in time to be safe from the sun. The next day she went to the doctor to check if she was okay or got worse. She barely got hit by the sun so she didn’t have much damage to her skin. Katie was not allowed out anymore, so she stayed home safe.

One day Katie started to get worse. She started to shake and that was a sign that she did get worse. The doctor told her before that if she started to shake or anything else, to call her. Katie chose not to call the doctor. Katie’s last choice or decision she made was to spend her last day with her boyfriend Charlie on a boat. The next day after she went on the boat Katie Price passed away. Her dad had her funeral and at the end of the day he took her ashes and poured them at the beach where she had one of her last days with her mother.

This book was an amazing book to read. It talked about what XP was and it was interesting to me. It taught me about her life and how she managed to live with it. I think many kids who like things medical wise or learning about lives of people with diseases or anything, this would be a good book for them to read. It made it easy for me to understand Katie’s situation. She always had a smile on her face even though she had a deadly disease. Life with any disease or sickness is always able to be lived good if you have faith in yourself and believe that you can live longer.

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Midnight Sun by Trish Cook

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