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Middle School Essay

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As we start this new school year, I wish to welcome all of you to Roberto Clemente Middle School. In the previous year, we have introduced and developed new ways to teach students and maximize their capabilities in learning different subjects and disciplines. Even if there are problems encountered along the way, your efforts and inputs have been vital to create new methods and alternatives to address these issues. As we enter to school year 2009-2010, I encourage each one to continue supporting our projects and endeavors to further develop student growth and achievement.

Through the years, Roberto Clemente Middle School has sought to improve our education and facilities by constantly training teachers and introducing new practices wherein they can learn and develop. At the same time, to meet the challenges of 21st century education, our faculty and administrators have aligned new systems of instruction and presented new ways to appreciate information with the use of new technological alternatives. To continue pursuing our vision for excellence, Roberto Clemente Middle School shall continue its pursuit of effective instruction as well as dwelling into new ideas that can improve practice.

We believe that for your children to grow and develop holistically, it is crucial to raise appreciation and motivation. Due to this, our programs are focused on setting the balance between what students need and your expectations. We deem that this process can create new avenues for our students to become adaptive to the changing trends of the current time. This year, we seek to improve our state scores by addressing on subject areas that are lagging behind standards. For example, we have hired some new and experienced Math teachers.

Their inclusion into the faculty can help encourage our teachers to learn and develop in the process. At the same time, our educators in English and Math have undergone seminar and training to introduce and develop new teaching strategies available today. This can help them address further your children’s needs and develop a better learning environment in the classroom. These together with the results shall be communicated to you accordingly in the meetings we shall be setting up for you.

To ensure your active participation and involvement this year, Roberto Clemente Middle School has come up with different programs and schemes that enable everyone to take part in helping reach our vision and goals. One approach we seek to do is encouraging parents and guardians to take part in meetings. The time frame for this would be the second week of July which would run from 9am – 3:00pm. In here, I and teachers shall be available for consultation and open forum of significant and relevant issues that may be of interest for everyone.

At the same time, part of the responsibility of teachers is to enhance communication is by formally writing letters showing the progress of your children in school. This can actively give you insights and ideas of his/her standing compared to other students. Likewise, it can encourage sharing of opinions and thoughts on issues significant for your child’s growth. With your inputs and opinions, we can derive new approaches and schemes that are suitable on both parties.

These approaches can help you in monitoring the progress of your child and finding ways to participate in guiding and exploring opportunities for improvement. It is through these aims and goals that I seek to promote the necessary plans for this school year. Your participation and cooperation in these initiatives can help us recognize these visions and remain to be dynamic and accountable for every action we pursue. Again, welcome to Roberto Clemente Middle School and thank you for your trust in what our school can offer for your children.

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