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Middle East Conflict

Introduction Of Conflicts In Middle East Politics
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The Middle East is a region that composed of the countries that are mainly found in the western Asia and some parts of the northern Africa, this region is well known for its rich supply of Oil the most important commodity in the world (Shah, 2011). This is because this commodity is the backbone of every activity in the world today ranging from economical, technological and transportation amongst other activities.The Middle East has always been on the spot light either…...
The US-Iranian relations
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The US-Iranian relations have been relatively tense during the last decades. The reasons are primarily related to the adversity of the Tehran regime that has reached a new level of intensity since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office in 2005. This is why it is important for the US to consider its strategy towards Iran especially due to its energy potential and the crucial role it plays in determining the political and nuclear stability both in the region and in the world.…...
The Rape of Women in Open It by Saadat Hasan Manto
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Where there is war, there is the rape and abuse of women. From the Trojan War to the Middle East conflict, rape has been a tactic of war. Rape is commonly viewed by society as a symbol of female degradation, female submission, and the stripping of honor and humanity. “OpenIt,” by Saadat Hasan Manto, the rape of women is a common theme. In Manto’s “Open It,” a young girl, Sakina, is raped by young men of her community. the author…...
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