Mid-Term Test: American Literature Essay

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Mid-Term Test: American Literature

1) According to the U. S. Declaration of Independence (1776), what are the fundamental rights that all men are born with and cannot be deprived from? a) Freedom, Equality and Democracy b) Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness c) Life, Freedom and Equality d) Freedom, Equality and the Pursuit of Happiness . 2) Which of the followings is NOT true about American culture? a) It is racially and ethnically diverse b) It is influenced by Native American, Asian and Polynesian cultures among others. c) Cultural patterns are exactly the same throughout the whole country.

d)¬†British culture contributes greatly to its formation. . 3) Which of the following authors doesn’t belong to the ‘Lost Generation’? a) Ernest Hemingway B) HARPER LEE C) F. SCOTT FITZGERALD d) Gertrude Stein . 4) In your own words, briefly explain what you understand about the Iceberg Theory and The THEORY OF OMISSION IN E. HEMINGWAY’S WRITING STYLE? HOW DID HEMINGWAY’S EXPERIENCE IN WORLD War I influence his works? Correct answer not provided. 5) In the short story Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway, Krebs has to face the following problems EXCEPT: a) He doesn’t have enough money to start a new life.

B) HE CANNOT INNITIATE A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY GIRLS. C) HIS FAMILY MAKES HIM DO THINGS HE DOESN’T WANT TO. d) He cannot reconnect with his old life before the war. . 6) In the short story University Days, what issue in the college education system did James Thurber want to point out when he mentioned the story that happened to the football player during Economics Class? a) The lack of fairness in the system. b) The lack of consideration for students’ individual abilities and differences. c) The lack of practicality in some lessons. d) The lack of proper management in the classroom.

7)IN THE NOVEL THE COLOR PURPLE BY ALICE WALKER, ALL OF THE FOLLOWINGS ISSUES ARE MENTIONED EXCEPT a) The inequality between black people and white people b) Sexist views on gender roles in the family and society c) The abuse of power by authoritative figures d) Competitive relationships among siblings . 8) BRIEFLY ANALYZE THE REASONS WHY CELIE ENDURES THE ABUSE BY HER STEP-FATHER AND HUSBAND without defending herself or fighting back. How does she overcome these hindrances to become an independent woman in the end? Correct answer not provided. 9) THE PULITZER PRIZE IS AN AWARD FOR ACHIEVEMENTS IN:

a) Literature, musical composition and drama B) POETRY, ONLINE JOURNALISM AND MUSICAL PERFORMANCE c) Fiction, journalism and social activities d) Online journalism, musical composition and literature . 10) In the short story ‘A good man is hard to find’ by Flannery O’Connor, what does The Misfit mean WHEN HE SAYS ‘”SHE WOULD OF BEEN A GOOD WOMAN IF IT HAD BEEN SOMEBODY THERE TO SHOOT HER every minute of her life. ” ? a) The Grandmother should have been taught to behave like a lady. b) The Grandmother only became a decent human when she is threatened with death.

c) The Grandmother needed someone to control her throughout her life d) The Grandmother didn’t deserve to live. . 11) In ‘Brokeback Mountain’, why didn’t Ennis agree to leave and start a new life with Jack? You can choose more than one answer (however, wrong choices will cost you marks). a) He is concerned about financial issues. B) HE IS AFRAID THAT JACK’S MARRIAGE WOULD BE DAMAGED C) HE IS OBSESSED WITH AN INCIDENT FROM HIS CHILDHOOD. d) He doesn’t like living on a ranch. e) He is worried about the judgement of other people. f) He fears for his safety. g)

He is still responsible for his daughters. . 12) WHAT DOES BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN MEAN TO THE MAIN CHARACTERS IN THE STORY WITH THE SAME NAME by Annie Proulx? a) The freedom to live as their true selves b) A reminder of their youthful days c) A place where they have no responsibilities and obligations d) The place where they go every year for their trips . 13) IN THE NOVEL LOVE STORY BY ERICH SEGAL, WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHARACTERISTIC OF THE relationship between Oliver Barrett IV and his father? a) Oliver is always jealous of his father for his achievements in sports b)

Oliver hates the pressure and expectation that his father put on him c) Oliver wishes that his father would spend more time talking to him d) Oliver wishes that his father would provide him with more money. . MATCH THE AUTHORS WITH THEIR WORKS (BY WRITING DOWN THE LETTERS OF YOUR CHOICES) 14) B ERNEST HEMINGWAY 15) e J. D. Salinger 16) c Mark Twain 17) a F. Scott Fitzgerald 18) d Harper Lee . A) THE GREAT GATSBY b) A Farewell to Arms c) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn d) To Kill a Mocking Bird e) Catcher in the Rye . —————————————— THIS IS THE END OF THE TEST. GOOD LUCK!

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