Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Essay

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Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern

Mid-Autumn (Moon Festival) is celebrated in Vietnam as a traditional festival in which most of young children take part in, that is why it is also known as Children’s Festival- need to separate into 2 sentences or use difference structure such as:: mid autumn(moon) festival is one of the traditional festival in vietnam and it is also known as children’s festival, because … .

This is one of the most popular Vietnamese holiday which is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, when the moon is roundest and brightest in the year. Mid-Autumn festival is definitely my favorite day(festival), because I like everything that related to the festival, including moon cakes, lion dances, and This sentence is too long, I would rather break it to 2 sentences :: especially my memories about it. When…. when I was a child, I liked to hold a lantern on my hands with a lighted candle inside walking down the street on the holiday night.

Years ago, when I was a child, every kids in my neighborhood, including me were very excited to wait for the festival coming. It was a wonderful occassion -occasion for me to get new toys and clothes, because delete(at the time, )I was (use rarely instead)barely given the new things from my parents. So that, I was euphoric to put on a new clothes, hold a brand new lantern in hands and follow the lion dances parade through the streets with my friends. That’s why I was euphoric to put on these new clothes, and hold a brand new lantern …to follow the lion dances….

During the night of the festival, children worn paper masks of their favorite characters such as monkey, lion, princess, etc, and paraded on the streets or around a large ground, sang the songs of the festival, with colorful lanterns in hands (the sentence is too long, and too many conjunctions). There were several different shapes of lanterns including butterflies, fishes, twinkle of stars, and so on. Especially, to accentuate the brightness of the moon, people lighted up the lanterns with small candles insight the lanterns. The lanterns with flickering candlelight are a visual feast to everyone.

Bright lanterns were carried, hung hight from poles, and launched into sky. I loved to enjoy watching the beautiful moon of this clearest night of the year and the sweet smell of burning joss sticks fills the air as people share the little candles. Those lanterns were made of bamboo slips as a frame, and paper with many beautiful colors was wrapped outside. There was also lantern named “Den Keo Quan” which spins around when a candle is placed inside, this kind symbolized the seasons of the earth around the sun. Usually, those handcraft lanterns were embellished with different images, and were also encouraged to use one’s creation.

As time goes by, when I grew up, I did not take part in the parade nor play lantern anymore. It only interested me when I was smaller. However, I still liked to look at admire the younger children whose faces filled with excitement parade through the street; and those beautiful lanterns give me a warm heart. When I walked in any store, I could see bunch up lanterns with varieties shapes. Today it is easy to buy an electric lantern that run by batteries, but I still refer the traditional one because it is more meaningful and sticks with my childhood.

Meanwhile, Mid-autumn festival is also known as Family Reunion Festival. No matter how far people are from home, Vietnamese family members return to their native places to reunite with their families and visit their homeland. But, it seems to be impossible for me because of the long distance. In United States, although sometimes I could find this tradition in many Vietnamese-American communities, I do not really feel the same way that I had in my country before since I can not find a lantern here. I miss the festival in my country so badly, and I miss the parade with colorful of lanterns that makes me feel like it was just yesterday. hi hi, ko te. :)) mi’ cai cau viet dai wa nghe ko hay, cat’ no’ thanh 2 cau ngan’ co’ y nghia thi hay hon. Dung co xai nhieu conjunction wa’, 2 3 cai’ la du roi, 1 cau ma 4 5 cai’ thi ng ta doc khong thu hut’ :)) may cai paragraphs cuoi’ viet co ve hay hon :)), bo thux khue wa roi dau oc’ minh man~ ra ah ?? :)))) good luck 🙂

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