Microsoft’s Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

When we are speaking about software, technology, computers involving manufacturers, licenses and supports, what is the business that’s the most popular and runs efficiently? Naturally it is the Microsoft Business. Microsoft thought that innovation can develop celebrations and chances for many individuals and organizatiobs all over the world. So, they established new technology that launches creativity, performance, and chance for increasingly more people all over the world.

Nowadays, because the world is changing and there are new challenges about the environment, they desire to resolve these challenges and create brand-new chances for individuals everywhere.

They make every effort to use business social obligation utilizing 3 methods. that’s the clients, their employees and human rights.

When speaking about Business Social Duty in Microsoft Thailand Business. First, they should look after the client at the beginning service and after service, since Thai individuals choose service more than the quality of items. They sometimes think about than the item perhaps does not work so they desire the insurance of items or the assurance from the company that they’ll received a brand-new item if they have issues with the product.

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And they need to do some activity that’s shed light to care of environment by Promote the activity of conservation though some place such as the shopping mall or market because when their product was produced, it’ll impact to the nature and make much contamination.

Second, their staff members and company. Because their employees are innovators from every corners of the world, they need to take notice of settlement and benefits.

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If Microsoft pays them high, it will be motivation. Since of their diverse life experiences, ambition, ability, capability and dedication makes Microsoft working efficiently and help comprehend client requirements.

Not only the payment however Microsoft should care for workers healthy and safety too. Lastly, this is the one crucial aspect of Corporate Social Obligation, that is the human rights. Human Rights are the rights you have merely since you’re human.

Millions of Thai people consisting of workers or students prefer Microsoft products more others, so what does it mean? Because Thai people believe that the first technology product come from foreigner’s country will make whole them life better than before whether they are at home or anywhere in the world. So, Microsoft company in Thailand must interested about Thai customers and take care of them. First is about Insurance or guarantee of products. When Thai people buy a product they areafraid that the product might not work.

Microsoft must check carefully about the product before the customers purchase it. If the product really doesn’t work, they must give a new product to the customer concerning the agreement. Next topic about Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility to customer is Promote the activity of conservation, that’s will make Thai people believe that’s Microsoft is helping to save the world. Why Microsoft company should to do that? Because when their are producing something, it’ll affect to the nature and make much polution. The pollution will effect people’s health, So conservation is the important activity that’s the company must do.

According to Lisa Brummel, Chief People Officer (2012), “Life at Microsoft is about more than just the work. it’s about who we are as people. We have a passion for life, for creating outstanding products, and for helping othersrealize their full potential”. She want to mean the important factor that’s will make products useful and efficiently are the people consist of employee, officer and organization. Microsoft must to take care this factor in three way. First is Compensation and benefits. Microsoft offers good pay, performance awards and attractive benefits packages for their employees.

They also shift a portion of stock-award targets into employee base salaries. They also increased funding to deliver 100 percent of target bonus and stock awards for approximately 85 percent of eligible employees. Second, training and development. Microsoft makes their employees never stop seeking new opportunities to grow up. They continually evaluate and evolve their training opportunities to meet their specific needs. They do this by adapting programs to meet a variety of learning styles, in the classroom, online, through video, and in other forms.

(Training magazine’s Top 10 Hall of Fame, 2012). Finally is about Health and safety of the employees. Microsoft has prepared a robust Employee Safety and Health Manual. “We also enhanced the ability of employees working in labs or in research and development to get quick and easy access to information about chemicals used at Microsoft by making nearly 1600 material safety data sheets available to them in the cloud. (Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO) In conclusion, Microsoft indicated that they have perfect human resource management. So, Microsoft has been well-known as one of the top companies for corporate social responsibility relating to human resource management.

If you asked Thai people, “What are human rights?” you would get many different answers. They would tell you the rights they know about, but very few people know all their rights. So, The United for Human Rights explained about this, “Human Rights”, means “The rights you have simply because you’re human”. According to Jean-Philippe Courtois, President Microsoft International (2012), ”People all over the world exercise fundamental human rights when they use our technology. Respecting these rights is one way we help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.”

So, Microsoft significance about the human rights and applied in the organization. Privacy and data security is the first topic of the human rights in the Microsoft company. As people spend more time online, the risk of privacy and data security attacks continue to rise. So they launched a companywide response with the Trustworthy Computing initiative, which made privacy and data security our highest priorities in product development. They continue to find innovative ways to protect theircustomer’s privacy and keep their information secure.

Next is the Freedom of expression. Internet freedom may seem like a given to some, but for many people around the world, it’s not that simple. They adopted a freedom of expression policy to guide their decision making when approached by governments that want to filter or censor Internet content. After that, they continued to support the free exchange of ideas and information online through their membership in the Global Network Initiative. In conclusion, after Microsoft has success in the field of human rights that’s make the trust to the world and reputation is continue enhancing until today.

For the aforementioned reasons, Microsoft won’t stop develop their operations because the above functions are important to them. And they are committed to responsible practices in their own operations, with policies and programs that ensure they act as a good corporate citizen everywhere they do business. Because of their good basic aspects of business character consist of integrity, values, and transparency made the public trust their corporations.

Thai people also trust their operations and products but Microsoft have to notice what are Thai people also Additional need something? And continue survey what are they want. The survey can do by many ways its up to the company decided such as face-to-face interview, telephone survey, written questionnaire and focus group.

In closing, Microsoft is a successful company with many products. Their products make the company well-known and famous so much such as B-Ing, the famous search engine. X-Box, Gaming console that many people enjoy. Microsoft Office, the useful tool with many applications that is helpful to students and teachers in education. And Microsoft Windows, the most famous software in the world. Until today no company can produce the products that’s better than Microsoft and I believe that the Microsoft will be the top of mind of people around the world forever.

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