Microsoft Exchange Server Software Computer Science Essay

This undertaking is entitled Implementation of Web Server and Exchange Server for a little IT company and secure by Microsoft Forefront TMG and Microsoft Protection 2010.

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The intent of making this undertaking is to setup a mail waiter and a web waiter for a little IT company and procure it with the deployment of Forefront Firewall and filter malwares by utilizing Microsoft Protection 2010 which will put in on the mail waiter.

Mail waiter is close to be a must in most organisation, it is common used by company employees.

Microsoft Exchange Server offer this mail services for employees communication through electronic mail. Microsoft Exchange Server offered e-mail histories for employees which can used to direct to any others public e-mail waiter like Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Hotmail. A specified extra plan will be used to procure the mail waiter and the web waiter.

The writer is procuring Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with a firewall which is besides a Microsoft merchandise, Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway ( TMG ) and Microsoft Protection 2010. This undertaking will be cover 8 aims which will be stated in 8 chapters and documented in Final Project Report.

Chapter 1.0: Literature Review on selected Software


In this chapter, the writer had do some survey on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway and Microsoft Protection 2010 for exchange waiter that will utilize in little IT concern company. The writer will discourse the overview and advantages of each Operating System and the complete reappraisal of the selected package.

Overview of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the waiter based package from Microsoft Server line merchandise.

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It is developed by Microsoft for the intent of messaging and collaborative package. The major characteristic of an exchange waiter consist of electronic mail, contacts, calendaring, supports mobile or web based entree to information and supports of informations storage. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 was released on Nov, 9, 2009. The new characteristics in Exchange Server 2010 have introduced some new engineerings that will non able in the old version of Exchange Server. Those new characteristics in Exchange Server 2010 provide enterprise-class messaging package solutions, voice mail, on-line calendaring and contacts. Therefore, with the new characteristics of Exchange Server 2010, it decidedly increase the productiveness, dependability, manageableness and security for concerns, it do cut down administrative operating expense and simplify disposal. With the new deployment in Exchange Server 2010 and storage options, enhanced inbox direction capablenesss, and the constitutional electronic mail archiving, it helps user to hold lower costs and enhance concern results, cost effectual is meet for organisation. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 can merely run on Microsoft Server 2008 SP2 Operating System. Microsoft Server 2008 SP2 provides several benefits and advantages for Exchange Server 2010 with it supports multi-subnet failover bunch, near-zero downtime when repairing NTFS corruptness, faster log file transportation, cut down downtime for hardware care, greater scalability for Client Access waiters that provide Outlook Anywhere services. Besides that, utilizing Windows Server 2008 can do an easier deployment for Exchange Server. Exchange Server do non needed to download those requirements package alternatively of rapidly install from the new Server Manager MMC console which provide by Windows Server 2008 SP2. Furthermore, a new characteristic providing by the Windows Server 2008 that is IPv6 can be utilize for exchange waiter for later coevals deployment, which gives great compatibility. ( Exchange Server and Windows Server 2008, Part II, 2008 )

1.2.1 New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 and 2007 SP2

Microsoft Exchange Server had released Service Pack 1 for this merchandise. The writer had decided to make some comparing between Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and the old version before Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1, which is Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2. There are new things and characteristics provided by the latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 compared to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2.

New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1

The Exchange Server 2010 SP 1 is released after THREE old ages of Exchange Server 2007 SP 2. In this latest version, Microsoft had gone to the basis of cost effectual and flexible communicating tools. However, the characteristics and functionality have been added and been improved. There are several new in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1. First of wholly, New Deployment Functionality which enable user to choose new option to put in the Windows functions and characteristics for Exchange 2010 SP1 server function during an installing of Exchange Server 2010 SP1. Besides that, Exchange 2010 SP1 besides provides Client Access Server Role Improvements which included Federation Certificates, Exchange ActiveSync, SMS Sync, Integrated Rights Management, Microsoft Office Outlook Web App, and practical directories. The best portion will falls to the Outlook Web App Improvements. As a electronic mail waiter, Exchange 2010 SP1 has done great betterments in this country by pull offing the relationship between Office Communications Server and Outlook Web App. Those information will stored in Active Directories and can pull off via cmdlet. Apart of that, there are lots betterment in conveyance Functionality which are enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting characteristics for MailTips, enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting characteristics for message trailing, message restricting sweetenings, shadow redundancy publicity, SMTP failover and burden reconciliation betterments and it support for extended protection on SMTP connexions. In exchange Shop and Mailbox Database Functionality, Microsoft had added New-MailboxRepairRequest cmdlet which enable user to observe and mend letter box and database corruptness issues. Another characteristic provided by Exchange Server 2010 SP1 is Audit Loging Improvements. Exchange 2010 SP1 had provided new letter box audit logging events and audit log depository. With the new letter box audit logging, this allow writer to track mailbox entree by decision makers, delegates or letter box proprietors.

New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2

The Exchange Server 2007 SP 2 is release right after TWO old ages of Exchange Server 2007 SP 1. Microsoft had done rather a batch of new characteristics and betterments for this version comparison to old version. The first of import characteristic for this version is it can deploy Exchange Server 2010. Exchange Client Access Server 2007 can be deploying in the Exchange Server 2010 box which merely requires to upgrade the full waiter function become Exchange Server 2007 SP2 to make the transitioning.

Besides that, Exchange Server 2007 SP2 provided a VSS circuit board for Windows Server Backup for backup Exchange intent. This characteristic make sweetening on the Exchange backup functionality. Another characteristic provided by Exchange Server 2007 SP2 is enhanced scrutinizing. SP2 had provided new Exchange auditing events and audit log depository. With the new auditing characteristics in the SP2, decision maker can easy to scrutinize the activities that occur on the Exchange Server.

Another new characteristic can establish in Exchange Server 2007 SP2 that is dynamic active directory scheme proof. This characteristic will enable easier direction of future scheme updates because it will let the scheme updates to be dynamic deployed. It besides prevents support issues when adding belongingss that do n’t be in the AD scheme. Public booklet quota direction is a new betterment provided by Exchange Server 2007 SP2. With the new public booklet direction, Administrator enables to pull off the public booklet quota for the user easier by utilizing the current cmdlets.

Another two minor betterments and characteristics provided by Exchange Server 2007 SP2 are centralized organisational scenes and improved apparatus plan. Several new cmdlet parametric quantities had been added, so it can let decision maker to centralise the exchange organisation scenes. Few installers must be put ining in Exchange Server 2007 SP2 for update rollup. ( What ‘s New in Exchange Server 2007 SP2, 2009 )

Overview of Exchange Server 2007 Server Roles

In Exchange Server 2007, the functionality that Exchange waiters provide has been separate into five server functions. These server functions are Hub Transport Server function, Mailbox Server Role, Edge Transport Server Role, Client Access Server function, and Unified Messaging Server function. These server functions either can put in individually or all of them except for border conveyance function on a waiter. The writer will make some overview about all of the waiter functions provided by Exchange Server 2007.

Client Access Server function

The Client Access server function enables connexions from a assortment of client protocols to the Exchange Server letter boxs. The Client Access waiter must be delegating at least one in each Active Directory site that contains a Mailbox waiter. Client protocols that connect through a Client Access server such as OWA client, POP and IMAP clients, Outlook Anywhere, and Exchange ActiveSync clients. The client entree waiter support services such as Autodiscover service and Web services. ( Client Access Server Role, 2007 )

Mailbox Server function

The letter box waiter function is a serve function that can be installed and configure on a waiter which running on a Window Server 2008. Mailbox server function is the most common nucleus waiter function in an Exchange organisation. Mailbox server execute several maps which are Host letter box databases, provides e-mail storage, host public booklet databases, cipher e-mail reference policies, generate reference lists and offline reference books, conduct multi-mailbox hunts, provide high handiness and site resilience, supply content indexing, provide messaging records direction and keeping policies. Mailbox waiter must interact with the FIVE others server functions which are Active Directory ( AD ) , Client Access waiter, Hub Transport waiter, Unified Messaging waiter and Microsoft Outlook clients. The interaction between the FIVE waiter functions can be explained in this figure 1.1. ( Mailbox Server Role, 2010 )

Figure 1.1 ( beginning from )

Edge Transport server function

The border conveyance waiter function is designed to be the Simple Mail Transport Protocol ( SMTP ) gateway waiter between the organisation and the cyberspace. To holding a better

security for the organisation mail system, the computing machine that runs the Edge Transport server function should be implement in a margin web and should non be a member of your internal Active Directory wood. An Edge Transport waiter provides few services such as filters on connexion, receiver, transmitter, and content, the Sender-identity and sender-reputation analysis, and attachment filters. Edge transports waiter besides can add some third-party package such as Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server for Antivirus control intent. Because the Edge Transport waiter is non portion of an Active Directory sphere, it uses AD LDS on Windows Server 2008 computing machines to entree receiver information.

Implement multiple of Edge Transport waiters can supply burden reconciliation and high handiness. Besides that, Edge Transport waiter and Hub conveyance waiter can non be installed on the same computing machine. The Hub Transport and Edge Transport waiters both provide message routing and bringing capablenesss to and from the cyberspace. However, some advanced conveyance characteristics are merely available on Edge Transport waiters. ( Edge Transport Server Role, 2007 ]

Hub Transport server function

The Hub Transport waiter function is to deploy indoors Active Directory forest. It responsible to manage all mail flow inside the organisation. By applies conveyance regulations, journaling policies and delivers messages to a receiver ‘s letter box. The messages that send to Internet will go through through the Hub Transport waiter to the Edge Transport waiter function which is deploy in the margin web. Message received from Internet are processed by the Edge Transport waiter before the mail is relayed to the Hub Transport waiter. Hub Transport server function can besides put in on the same hardware with any other internal waiter function or on a waiter that ‘s dedicated to the Hub Transport server function. Hub Transport server function can merely deploy on each Active Directories site that contains a Mailbox Server function. Redundancy meets if there is more than one Hub Transport waiter per site. ( Hub Transport Server Role, 2010 )

Unified Messaging waiter function

The Unified Messaging server function provides the services that integrate voice and facsimile messages into an organisation ‘s substructure. This function is new to the Exchange merchandise line. The new telephone constructs do non familiar to an Exchange decision maker. This function requires the presence of three waiter functions that are Hub Transport, Client Access, and Mailbox. The Unified Messaging waiter provides entree to voice message and facsimiles. It can be entree from the client ‘s telephone or computing machine. ( Unified Messaging Server Role, 2006 ]

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