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Microsoft Earbuds

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Essay, Pages 2 (354 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (354 words)

Microsoft is releasing a pair of $249 wireless earbuds that can advance PowerPoint slides when you tap on them – Matt Weinberger

The article talks about the upcoming $249 Microsoft earbuds that can control powerpoint presentations through bluetooth. These earbuds will be completely wireless, and can control most microsoft office applications. The earbuds will also be able to control most music apps, and a few others. The earbuds were made to compete with Apple’s Airpods, and the Amazon Echo Earbuds. Microsoft’s earbuds have a 24 hour battery life between them, but to have done this the earbuds are bulky, and not very good looking.

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The earbuds however have received a very positive reaction. No one outside of reviewers have heard the quality of these earbuds. Of course, this is mainly marketed to MOS users, so they may lose some marketing edge there.

This directly relates to Microsoft PowerPoint and other MOS applications. I think they could be a cool product, but they are big and ugly looking.

Plus they are only marketed to MOS users. Postal Service upgrades mobile computers to adapt to on-demand economy – DC Velocity Staff

The article talks about how the US Postal Service will be receiving 300,000 Zebra Technology handheld computers for use by their couriers. The tools will be able to track, scan, and trace packages held by USPS. This has come from the need for On-Demand economics, which just mean people want their stuff to arrive quicker. USPS has lost $2.3 billion due to their lack of equipment to use for e-commerce packages.

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The handheld devices will be touchscreen and very quick. They are very strong and can resist a drop, and are specifically made for use in manufacturing and transportation. The devices will be running an Android OS, and will be very fast. The plan was to use Windows, but Microsoft dropped out.

This is a new innovation in handheld computers, and will be very useful to the US government. I think that this is a good thing, USPS will no longer have to do long winded writing sessions, or use stationary computers to track orders.

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