Micro Presentation Topics Essay

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Micro Presentation Topics

Healthy minds are happy minds Flashmobs are entertaining Inflation has caused an economic slowdown The impact of global warming on planet Earth Public-private partnership as a mantra for mutual benefits The impact of FDI in the retail sector Natural Resources management Are cyber laws adequate to control cyber crime Creativity is associated with free thinking Does freedom of speech hold good in India Peace in Israel-palestine is elusive Will the middleman lose out to FDI? What ailed Kingfisher Airlines? India the land of contrasts Can modernisation and tradition co exist Ostentation in the Indian marriage Should Sachin continue to play international cricket?

The heir to the Tata throne The Indian fascination for gold The difference between knowledge and wisdom Bio-cycle sensitisation The season of financial scams The rise of regional political parties Malala Yousafzai – An icon for girl education The ‘Aam Admi’ political party FDI in India – Boon or bane Is India better prepared to face terrorism 4 years after 26/11 Black money in real estate Are we facing an intellectual bankruptcy in politics? The Arcelor-Mittal compromise The era of Ricky Ponting Huge publicity hoardings defile cityscapes A world without online social networking The future of Palestine Eco-awareness must begin in childhood Should Reservations in education continue?

Sports in education should be made compulsory

Censorship in social media

The (DINK) family – dual income no kids trends The I pad versus the I pod The future of the Jan Lok Pal Bill The protest against the Kudankulam plant To test a man’s character, give him power. Impact of social networking sites on our youth. Is the glass half full or half empty? Tough conditions don’t last tough men do The five evils of inflation in India Honour killings – Setting new cultural boundaries Failure is an opportunity to begin again The three ‘R’s of environment protection The coalgate scam The advantages of thinking out of the box Why Email etiquette necessary? Fiscal deficit and the reform process Green finance Future Internet Modernising agriculture

The relevance of being a secular state Virtual Reality Do opportunities still exist abroad for management graduates? The advantages of adopting vegetarianism The future of the BPO sector in India Is there a world beyond Medicine, Engineering and MBA? How does one build intellectual capital in organisations? Has technology ensured that our children have forgotten physical activity? Has corruption completely taken over India? Ethics should be a part of college curriculum Are Women intuitive in decision making

Marketing through teleserials – New trends All Indians are born equal in capacity for achievement The impact of foreign Universities operating in India The impact of coalition governments on political stability World urbanism Day The car free movement

1. All candidates are required to participate in the Micro Presentation (Extempore) to test their communication skill and knowledge on the given topics. 2. The Micro Presentation is for 90 seconds per candidate, 3. Each Candidate will be asked to pick a topic on random basis at the Selection Process Venue and present orally on the Topic. 4. Candidates will have a chance to present only ONE topic listed. No second chance will be given to any candidate 5. Candidates should not possess any material related to the Topics during the Selection Process 6. Candidates will not be permitted to present any topic in Power Point (PPT) or Video 7. Cellular Phone, Satellite Phone, Pager, Scientific Calculators, Notebook, Textbooks, Printed Materials etc., are not allowed into the Selection Process Venue. 8. The decision of the GD/MP Panel will be final and binding

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