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The artist has painted a portrait of his friends and colleagues. Each one of them is in the prime of their youth, with seemingly no worries. They are all seen having a relaxed time oblivious to their surroundings. There are thirteen people featured in the painting, including two children. The colors in the painting are charming, bringing out the best of the painter and his art. The boat is full of young people having an enjoyable time, drinking and making merry. Life seems to be full of meaning for the people on the boat. The boat seems to be their cup of life overflowing with energy and youth.

None of them are worried about the future. Each of the people depicted on the boat are living life to its fullest in the present. They do not seem to be thinking of either the past or the future. Life for them seems to be songs with unending lyrics, going on and on, eternally like the water lapping against the sides of their boat. Michelangelo has not have used color to define his sculptural form. He might have used the different hues of the marble itself to define the sculptural form. In fact, if he had used colors, the sculptures would have lost their natural sheen.

It would have made the sculptures look artificial. The sculptures look so magnificent in their natural colors that there is an aura surrounding them that would have been lost with the use of any artificial colors. Color would have faded over time, but the statues have lost none of their sheen, making us believe that there were no colors used anywhere in the statues. The natural glory of the statues has been retained in the centuries gone by because of the natural elements. Their glory remains a testament to the resilience of nature.

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