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Michael Cunningham Essay

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Michael was the most ambitious of blokes. He stole the Wright Brothers’ ‘plane. He then flew all the way to Pluto, on one tank of fuel, to find one of his best mates eating the small planet. So he carried on to the end of the Milky Way and on to the next, Chocolate Log. The returned twenty years later saying that he had discovered another species of complex organisms and “humans” in the next galaxy. Michael Cunningham was born on the 14th of October in 1987 in the city of Birmingham. At the age of three he acquired a younger brother named Dean.

In 1991 Michael started attending Harborne Primary School, then at the age of eleven he left Harborne Primary to start in Shenley Court Specialist Arts College and Sixth Form Centre. At the end of year eleven, aged sixteen, he left his secondary school with 10A* GCSE grades, and started training in the ATC in 2005. After two years he completed his training and startye4d full time work as an electrician for the Royal Air Force. Towards the end of October 2007, he was transferred to Duxford airbase to work as the Chief Electrician. At this time he was nineteen and Britain’s youngest Chief Electrician.

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Then towards the end of 2009 he received a letter telling him that Kelly, once the love of his life, had been killed in a car crash. After attending her funeral Michael stole the world famous Wright brothers’ ‘plane and that was the last the world saw of him for twenty years. Michael reappeared in 2029, aged 41, with claims that he had seen one of his best mates, David Smith, eating Pluto during 2019. Then during a press conference he also claimed that he had found another three planets on his “adventure” that were inhabited with beings more intelligent than us. “There is more life in this universe, more than you could ever imagine.

” He later went on to say, “It is unbelievable how intelligent they are, and I mean when compared to them we know nothing. ” Scientists later confirmed that Pluto had disappeared and we received a few visits from the intelligent beings Michael had found. Michael, at the age of forty-six, started studying some of the species he had discovered, he discovered that they were approximately five million years more advanced than us. Also that they were born with intelligence and ability to communicate, walk and work. At the age of seventy-three he retired to a semi-detached bungalow in Skegness after his wife, Jenny, had passed away.

About six months after moving a killer ninja penguin attacked him. Another of his mates, Tom Bates, saved him moments before he was eaten. Approximately five minutes later Michael suffered a heart attack; after an examination it was determined that the heart attack was caused by the shock of the attack by the penguin. Looking at his personal life he had had a few girlfriends throughout his secondary school life, although only a couple had been serious, and from when he had joined the ATC until he had returned from his “adventure” he hadn’t had much of a social life.

Then at the age of forty-three he started dating an old school friend, Kate, but this didn’t last for more six months. Then he became engaged to Jenny Wattrus in July of 2035 and married in November that year. They had seven children, five girls and two boys, and moved to London where they bought a large house and lived there until their children had moved out, at which point the two of them moved down to Devon and into a smaller house so that they didn’t feel so lonely. Show preview only

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