Michael Brein’s Guide to Sydney by Public Transit Essay

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Michael Brein’s Guide to Sydney by Public Transit

The rationale for choosing the book “Michael Brein’s Guide to Sydney by Public Transit” is that I have always been interested in traveling and promoting the travel and touring of different people across the World, as through this travel the exchange of ideas, technology and values is realized. I also wanted to help expound on the information available regarding the available public transport infrastructure; as this will help different people understand the city of Sydney and its surrounding better.

Additionally, the contents of this book are very important as they not only give information about the available means of transport, but also the lines of transport are easy to take, the different transit stops available for boarding or exit, and a detailed small coverage area-walking maps and the pathways to visitor attraction sites (Brein, 1998).

The other rationale for the choice of this book is that Michael’s guide to Sydney forms part of the World’s first and only written guide series precisely designed to explain to travelers, how they can reach the worlds best 50 tourist attraction sites using the public transport available within a range of the world’s most visited urban areas (Brein, 1998).

The choice of this book was also based on the fact that this guide is a highly reliable source for academic purposes; as it is clear from the guide that the information contained therein is based on realistic data supported by geographical maps, architectural drawings of the locations of tourist attraction destinations within this city; as well as a variety of visual displays of the different locations. Some of the visual displays used include photos, pictures, architectural drawings and guide maps.

The other consideration that qualifies this source to be considered an academically reliable source is that the guide also provides a detailed overview of mini location maps; as this is very helpful to a learner in that it helps give an idea of what to expect from the guide and the information explained therein. The author of the guide has also visited the different areas contained in his guide, besides being a lecturer, adventurer and traveler; therefore this gives the idea that the work is authored from an informed, wide reaching knowledge regarding the places explained throughout the work (Brein, 1998).

The topic of this guide is Michael Brein’s Guide to Sydney by Public transit commonly referred to as Michael Brein’s guides to sight seeing by public transport. The purpose of writing the text was to give the readers a detailed survey of where and how to visit 50 of the top traveler attraction sites by the use of rail, bus or metro. The text is further meant to show which installations to utilize, the lines to be made use of, and the stops to be used for boarding or exiting from these different modes of transport besides providing a location guide for visiting pedestrians through the use of mini-location walking maps.

Additionally, the text gives a detailed guide regarding the rotes and the directions to be taken when moving from the stop points to the traveler attraction sites (Streetwise, 2009). As a summary of the main ideas, it can be noted that the connection between the main ideas contained in Brein’s Guide is that the text is an essential tool for any travelers visiting the city of Sydney; as it gives a detailed guide of the available means of transport, the available pathways, routes and stop points; as well as a detailed information about the visitor attraction sites available within the city of Sydney.

Additionally, the guide gives an effective consumer guide to any individual wishing to take a tour or visit to the city of Sydney, as the information given through the guide is clear and effectively user friendly to any individual from any class or level of education.

In addition, besides giving a very detailed collection of information about the City of Sydney, the author gives a detailed account of other top world visitation destinations to give the reader the option of making a comparative analysis of the different attraction sites discussed; in helping any prospective client of the mini guide towards choosing among the discussed areas of the world (Chronicle, 2008).

The research questions to be addressed through reviewing this material included answering the questions whether public transportation is available for visitors touring the city of Sydney; and whether there are options to choose from when deciding the means of transport to use, with reference to the different customers needs and preferences. In answering the questions under discussion using the information from the review; it is clear that there is the availability of a wide range of transportation means ranging from rail, bus, to metro.

With regard to the question of the availability of optional means of transportation to be chosen from; it is clear from the information reviewed that a visitor touring Sydney has the ability to choose between using the different means of transportation depending on the level of convenience, the cost to be incurred or the convenience expected from using the given mode of transport in arriving at the destination (Brein, 1998).

References Brein, M. (1998). Michael Brein’s Guide to Sydney by Public Transit, 1st edition. Oregon: Michael Brein, Inc Publishers Chronicle, B. (2008). City walks: Sydney 50 Adventures on Foot. California: Chronicles Books. Streetwise, M. (2009). Streetwise Sydney Laminated City Center Street Map. Florida: Streetwise Maps Publishers 2009

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