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Michael Bloomberg Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 9 (2006 words)
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In his life time, Michael Bloomberg has been a prominent businessman as well as a robust politician hence drawing a broad interest from many people in all walks of life and every corner of the world. He is a son from a family whose origin can be traced back in both Poland and Russia. Michael Bloomberg is known to have been born in the year 1942 at the famous St. Elizabeth’s hospital which is in the Brighton fraternity of Boston. His biological father was William Henry Bloomberg who was born in Chelsea in the year 1906.

His grandfather was a real estate agent with his name as Alexander Bloomberg, an immigrant from Russia . On the side of his mother, she was called charlotte who was born in the year 1909 in New Jersey. Just like his husband, she was born to an immigrant from Russia. Bloomberg’s family is believed to have resided at Boston till he attained the age of two years where it shifted for the subsequent two years to Brookline in Massachusetts.

From there, the family finally transferred to a Boston suburb called the Medford, Massachusetts where they resided until Michael Bloomberg completed his college studies (Brian, 2006, p. 14). Bloom berg graduated from John Hopkins university in the year 1964 with a bachelors degree of science in electrical engineering. He later joined Harvard school of business where he got his master in business administration. Michael Bloomberg’s wife is called Susan Brown who originates from Yorkshire.

They married in the year 1975 and they have been blessed with two daughters, that is Emma and Georgina. The two daughters have been very prominent and popular. They have been featured in a documentary film known as “Born rich” that targets the sons and daughters to the most and extremely rich people. Georgina is the second born and has been romantically associated with Irish show jumper, cyan O’Connor who had her Olympic gold medal taken back in the year 2004.

After 18 years of marriage, Michael Bloomberg parted ways with his wife Susan Brown in 1993. It is speculated that he is of late eying the powerful Diana Taylor who was a former New York state banking superintendent. As mentioned before earlier in the beginning of the paper, Michael Bloomberg is a mighty and renown businessman. His business career began with the Salomon Brothers where he was a general partner and was in charge of equity trading in the business.

He later advanced to the post of systems development. While at this post, he was fired in what come to be known as his gross incompetence and he was awarded job termination package of $10 million. It was after this misfortune that had befallen him that he proceeded to start a company called the “Innovative Market Systems”. The first customer to this new business was Merrill lynch which pumped $30 million and twenty of the Master Market terminals to the company.

At this point, the company changed its name to Bloomberg L. P (1986) and in the following year, 5000 terminals were further installed. At this capacity, Bloomberg as a visionary and an ambitious businessman become evident. He launched Bloomberg trade book, Bloomberg newswire and the Bloomberg messaging service. In addition, he started a radio station network which is currently common in New York city.

After achieving all these milestones, he relinquished the post of chief executive officer in the company and joined the world of politics due to his unrelenting spirit of aiming high always. He was replaced by Lex Fenwick as the new chief executive of the company. Michael Bloomberg became the mayor of New York City. He is known to be one of the world’s wealthiest people. In America, he is ranked number eight in the list of the billionaires and 142 in the list of world’s billionaires.

According to various reports, his net worth is valued at US $20billion. In one of the rare moves, Bloomberg as the mayor of New York refused the mayoral salary and instead asked for a pay of just $1. 00 per year for his services to the residents of New York city. This was a clear feature that he was a devoted servant leader to the public who was not out to satisfy his own interests but out to serve the people (Brian, 2006, p. 24). Bloomberg’s political career begun in the year 2001.

In this year, the sitting mayor could not vie for the post since he was barred by the constitution to run for the post and various politicians wanted to inherit the post with Bloomberg being one of them. By then, he was a member of the democratic party but he changed his membership to the republican party. When the day of voting came, Bloomberg defeated his close competitor Mr. Herman Badillo who was a former congressman and was therefore declared the winner of Republican ticket.

When the general election reached, he got endorsement from the incumbent mayor Giuliani. Coupled with the finances he had at his disposal, he won the election smoothly. He opted not to use public contributions and alternatively used his personal funds to finance his campaigns. Despite this, he outspent his competitor by far. In his manifesto, he emphasized that the city of new York required a mayor who had vast knowledge and experience in business leadership and management.

This was because the economy of the city had been hit by the adverse effects World trade Center attacks . The election of Bloomberg was a landmark in the New York’s city history since this was the first in its history that two distinct republican mayors had been voted in consecutively. Bloomberg was deemed to be a freedom fighter for social change and whose pro-choice was attributed to his clamor for tough firearms control and legalizing the same sex marriage.

In the year 2004, he declared that the city was to host the Republican national convention despite being a stronghold for the democratic party. This move triggered many residents in the city to protest with a large percentage disappointed by the Iraq war and other issues. As a result, many people were put behind the bars by the police department of New York but they were later discharged and their cases dropped since they lacked evidence to sustain them in the courts of justice (Brian, 2006, p. 31).

When the time for re-election came in the year 2005, Bloomberg was re-elected by a margin of 20% which was applauded by many since it was the widest for the republican mayor of the New York city. This time round, he used more money to fund his campaign than in the previous ones. At one time, Bloomberg was against the appointment of John Roberts as the chief justice of United States. This was because Bloomberg did not believe that the chief justice was devoted to defend the abortion rights which he was a firm advocator for them.

In his political career as a mayor in the New York city, he was able to sustain high levels of approval from the public. He had made it public that he was fully committed to implementing radical reforms in the public education sector during his first term tenure and tackle poverty amicably in the second term tenure in the office of mayor. Due to his style of management and leadership that reflected his experience in the private sector, he came to be a renown political pragmatist.

He appointed the city commissioners depending on their area of specialty thus earning fame for utilizing statistics and result based technique in management of the city thus making the commissioner to make decisions independently In his political career, Bloomberg has held various high profile positions in the United States. He has been holding the party posts at different times in both Democratic Party and Republic party.

In his political career, he has been consistent in the values that he believes in which encompasses advocating for abortions rights, gay marriage, social freedom, normalization of the status of illegal immigrants and the control of illegal possession of firearms. In the economic circles, Bloomberg is an average advocator for the participation of the government on sensitive matters like climate change control and prevention. He is a very firm supporter of liberalized trade and pro-business prospects.

On the contentious issue of foreign policy and protection of the United States, he is a conservative in opposition to time frame for withdrawal from Iraq. On social issues, Bloomberg is a known advocator for abortion rights and he stresses that reproductive choice is a basic human right that can be ignored. He has been often reported having criticized the pro-life supporters. One of the unique things with Bloomberg on social issues is that he tends to be liberal on them.

He is a strong opposer of illicit drug use and he thus supported the formulation of strict drug laws in the New York city though he has accepted to have been a smoker of cannabis in his early ages of life. In his tenure in the office, he has maintained criminal incidences in the city at low levels. He is against the issue of death penalty for criminal offenders. In addition to this, his war against criminal activities has extended to cover the control of possession of guns in the city.

In his term in the mayoral post, he increased the sentence for those found in possession of guns illegally. When it comes to matters of education, Bloomberg has been on the forefront in reforming the education system in the city. As a mayor, he disbanded the board of education that had been formed by the state before replacing it with another one. He increased the pay for teachers and this has resulted to improved performance of the students.

Moreover, he has put in place policy that bans the use of mobile phone in schools by the students. In his principle, he maintains that a student should not be allowed to join a higher grade without having been fully baked in the preceding one. On the issues of environmental conservation, Bloomberg has not been left behind. He has come up with a strategy of dealing with global warming called the Greener Greater New York city.

In this concept, he aims at protecting the environment and prepare the city for the expected extrapolated population of one million people who will be living in the city by the year 2030. This demonstrates his character as a focused leader. In the perspective of conserving the environment, he has been advocating for the reduction in carbon dioxide emission, use of cleaner production techniques and pollution prevention at large in the city.

Pertaining domestic affairs and security of the USA, he has been a perennial protester of immigration and thus being on perpetual criticism of the social conservatives who agitates for deportation of non -American citizens. To protect the resident of the city from security threats, he established the counterterrorism bureau which works hand in hand with the New York police department intelligence division to collect all the information on terrorism that might compromise the security of the residents (Brian, 2006, p.

37). On matters of public health and welfare, he has also been on the forefront in putting the scourge of HIV, hypertension and diabetes on top of his agenda. He has also imposed the complete ban on smoking in public places within the city and banned trans-fat use in all food establishments. In conclusion therefore, Michael Bloomberg is a focused, principled and a servant leader who owes his political success to blend his managerial and leadership skills gained from business experience.

He stands as a historical figure both in the political and business prospects of the United States an invitation which gives him the nature of his current prospects and honor. Reference Brash Julian (2006) Re-Scaling Patriotism: Competition and Urban Identity in Michael Bloomberg’s New York. Urban Anthropology & Studies of Cultural Systems & World Economic Development, Vol. 35

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