Mexican American Civil War

The Civil War was a major discussion in the Rio Grande Valley such as like financially, socially, and politically. Mexicans Americans were among the first to wage war for the Confederacy, and were among the last to surrender. Cotton being the South's most attractive product, the South's cotton exports were the all-important to its funding for the war effort were transported over the Rio Grande into Mexico for shipment to business sectors over the Atlantic.

It has been evaluated that a thousands of Mexican American served in the positions of the Confederacy.

More than 60,000 Texans served in the war, and some Texans fought for the union but most of them for the confederacy. Mexicans who battled for the Confederacy surpassed the measure of Mexicans battling for the Association. There were many inspiring for Mexicans that wanted to join the Confederate armed force. The expanding threats between the Federals and Alliance in Virginia, and the danger of Association control of the Texas drift powers individuals all over Texas to join the Alliance, and Mexicans were no exemption.

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Mexican fighters entered Confederate administration permeated with indistinguishable patriotism from their Somewhat English confidants did.

Throughout the time of the American civil war, the Rio Grande pulled in consideration with the indispensable terminal for the Confederate cotton exchange. At the point when the United States maritime boats closed ports from Virginia to Texas, Confederate pioneers transported their 'white gold' over the Rio Grande, stacked it on Mexican leads, and cruised it securely past the barring powers, it 'attracted a variety of people from all over the world (including gamblers, swindlers, and smugglers) to the region hoping to cash in'.

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For quite a long time, exchange through the district continued the Confederate war exertion. As the Federal blockades closed the Confederate coastline, 'Mexico became a vital outlet for southerners to export their cotton'. In spite of the fact that, the US army force did quickly involve towns of the Rio Grande Valley and hindered the stream of cotton southward, vessels loaded up with cotton kept on utilizing the waterway's waters, unhampered for the length of the war.

Confederates were led by Colonel Santos Benavides, he was the highest ranking Tejano to serve the confederacy. Colonel Santos Benavides, helped make possible the safe passage of cotton across the Rio Grande to Mexico during the union occupation of the lower Rio Grande valley in 1863-64. In the last land clash of the Civil War in the east of Brownsville at Palmito Ranch happened multi month right after Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to General US Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia. Five hundred Union Soldiers on their approach to Brownsville stood up to three hundred Confederate officers. Following the encounter, the Union forces withdrew and supported the last loss of the war, an infantryman from Indiana.

It was here that the Union blockade was felt maybe generally acutely. The Union's main objective in the war was to inhibit the south, blockading all ports so they couldn't get merchandise in or out. Confederate army in Texas progressively comprehended the significance of cotton in its capacity to protect Texas from the Union forces. Furthermore, it was here where longstanding cross-outskirt competitions and moving political fortunes on the two sides of the stream made for a consistent propensity of interest. The confederates moved over a million of dollars' worth of cotton through Mexico. But then, most records of this long and bleeding struggle given short shrift to the complexities of the ethnic strains, political moving, and worldwide strategy that distinctively hued the Civil War in the Rio Grande Valley.

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