Methods of Storing Records and The Benefits

“Databases” are a very useful way of storing records, uses a database called Oracle ‘People System’. The database keeps individual records and what courses have run. It can be accessed by managers and the L&D team, we can produce quick reports. Once information have been entered into the system can always be found. The information that we can get from the database report:

•Who has attended or cancelled courses
•What kind of training has run in certain periods (Management, Personal Development, Commercial, and Editorial).

•What kind of training employees have done
•What courses are on demand
•External trainers used

“Spreadsheets” this is another very useful way of storing information, such as budget tracker which can automatically calculate costs if you put the right formula in. particular cells can be filtered to find precise information, you can turn data into charts.

Identify types of data to be collected and explain how each supports “Specific Learning needs information’’ this helps to identify the learning needs of individuals and departments.

This allows us to have correct courses and external trainers. We can identify strengths and weaknesses of individuals at, we collect information from managers which help identify training needs. Everyone needs Personal Development skills which can help identify problems, line managers will tell us what the problems are for example it could be struggle with conversations with clients or helps with sales meetings or product selling.

We will analysis this information and design courses, I would recommend courses that we have at Tough conversation, make meeting happen or face to face selling courses.

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“Organisational Information’’ this helps to identify what the business needs from the L&D team, and what the current and future plans are. How can we develop the new skills that the business requires. Knowing what the business needs helps us to plan and priorities and design courses.

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