Methodologies Essay Topics

Qualitative Research Methodologies

Veal (2000) has described research a “systematic and careful inquiry ands search for the truth” or an investigation into a subject to discover facts. Research is collection of methods, tools and techniques for acquiring knowledge. The nature of research is to discover and explain and answer the unanswered questions. Qualitative methodology focuses on “quality” a… View Article

Mixed methodologies in the analysis

This essay is a comprehensive analysis focused on qualitative, quantitative, and a mixed methodology of qualitative and quantitative tools for analysis. The objectives of the study are to assess the background of the study, take a look of the Ethical nature of the paper and to determine the type and nature of the study that… View Article

Modern approach to teen substance abuse help and management methodologies

Teen drug and alcohol abuse management is aimed at arresting adverse indulgence that lead to clinical cases. Serological evidence on sub-clinical cases of depression and alcoholism show preventive counseling is effective in managing depression and alcoholism. About 51% of teens within a random cluster of 20 males and 10 females are actively involved in alcoholism…. View Article