Metals are different from other materials Essay

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Metals are different from other materials

Metals are different from other materials because they have electrons that are not joined to any specific atom, meaning that the electrons have the ability to move between the various atoms of that metal. These electrons are always in random motion due to their heat energy. If a metal wire is subjected electric force at its opposite terminals, then these free electrons, which carry a negative charge, move towards the electric force and we end up with what is called an electric current.

Another way of saying this is that when charge is moving we have current, like the motion of electrons in wire leading to bulb. Ions found in water also carry a charge and current is able to flow in water. Movement of charged electrons in a vacuum is also a form of current. An example is the computer monitor or the T. V. set. Charged particles move across space, i. e vacuum, when they are released by the picture tube and strike the screen and light released which is seen as a picture. In order for current to be able to flow it needs a push and this push is supplied by voltage.

1 Charge will always flow from a potential of higher energy to low energy. Current is a measure of the quantity of charge that passes a location every second. The unit which current is measured in is Amphere [A]. The current law states that at any junction in an electric circuit, a point where the current is split into two or more parts, the total electric current output will be equal to the amount put in initially. A conductor, the object which allows charge to move through it, always puts up a certain amount of electrical resistance against the charge that is flowing through it.

This friction in turn heats up the object. This transferring of electrical energy and the rate at which heat is put out is measured in Watts. The resistance put up by the conductor is measured in Ohms. 2 Another way of saying it is that Ampheres is the stuff that flows inside the wires (the charge, electrons), and the amount of charge is measured in Coulombs and finally the work Amphere is the same as one Coulomb of charge passing in one second. The more quickly a charge flows the higher the ampheres.

Also the greater the amount of charge flowing, like a bigger wire, the higher the ampheres. Another words it is possible to have the ampheres if there is fast flowing charge through a thin wire as with slow moving charge through a thick wire. 2 It is easy to see why all this is very confusing. How ever 1Keiji Oenoki and Hector Judez, The flow of charge: The Current, [email protected] edu. pe] 2William beaty, How Are Watts, Ohms, Amps, and Volts Related? April 2, 2000, http://amasci. com/elect/vwatt1. html.

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