Metabical: Positioning and Communications Strategy for a New Weight Loss Drug

1. What is the decision-making process for Metabical? Who is involved?

Metabical needs to decide whom to sell and what means to use in order to reach this group successfully. This decision has to be taken by Printup and her marketing team. The target market should be identified; first of all, the segmentation of the market needs to be done in order to analyze which segment of the market would be more attracted by this product. Besides surveyed people, physicians play a very important role.

2. How should Printup think about the segmentation of potential Metabical consumers? Who is the optimal target consumer? Printup should take into consideration the different goals individuals have towards losing weight, since not everyone have the same reason to lose weight, some are moved by the health risk and others just to look good. Furthermore, the willingness and ability to pay for the product should be considered to identify the optimal target market. After the data was studied, the optimal target consumer should be overweight women (25 to 30), ages 35 to 65, who are college educated since this group takes care more about their health and visit the doctor with frequency.

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3. How should CSP identify and employ the differential advantages that Metabical offers to position itself in the marketplace?

Since Metabical will be proven to have better results than any other product in the market along with less dangerous side effects, it will be easier to be differentiated from its competitors. It needs to be positioned as a quality product, backed up by the FDA.

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Then it would be perceived as a luxury type of product that will help individuals who struggle to lose weight to feel and look better. For a successful communication strategy, CSP has to focus on the individual and the physician, for the first group, a celebrity spokesperson should be used since they have power over the audience for being known and trusted. Furthermore, the message should highlight the importance of being healthy and having a better life.

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