Metabical Analysis Essay

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Metabical Analysis

All other Weight-Loss Options in Exhibit 2 are more expensive that the target $30/ month out of pocket cost. No other weight loss option offers cost containment cards. No other product combines two mechanisms for weight loss: Metabical combines two pharmacologic mechanisms to produce weight loss: Fat blocker, meditonan and appetite suppressant, calosera. Due to the dual mechanism, the medications can be dosed in lower levels and therefore have a better safety profile and fewer side effects than either of the medications that have similar mechanisms, Meridia (prescription appetite suppressant phentermine) or Xenical (originally prescription fat blocker, now over the counter in a lower dose with fewer side effects, Alli) Metabical is dosed once daily, which leads to better patient compliance than over the counter Alli, which must be taken with each meal in order to block fat absorption.

Metabical is FDA approved, which demonstrates efficacy and relative safety as compared to over the counter or herbal remedies. Metabical is dispensed by prescription only, which allows physicians to have more control and awareness of what their patients are taking, and to coordinate the use of Metabical with other prescription drugs in a group of patients (moderately obese), who are prone to obesity related disease states, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, and joint injuries. Metabical is the only prescription weight loss medication with an indication for moderate obesity (BMI 28-30). Other prescription weight loss preparations are indicated for morbidly obese patients with BMI < 30. * As a prescription drug, physicians are also able to combine Metabical with nutrition counseling or behavior modification support.

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