Meta-Investigation on The Michael Brown Case Essay

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Meta-Investigation on The Michael Brown Case

Block A. A. Terms problem- The teams are not communicating primarily caused by the J. Edgar Hoover Model, page 37, Detective Terms. [This model does not require identifying the investigative building blocks or rules of investigations and assumes that everyone on the team will know them. It can be argued that this is the main cause of most problems in building cases. Further evidence for this lack of communication was the failure to manage the body(Physical Evidence#5) in a timely manner(Block A-Rules of Investigations) No one in the investigation has really known who has jurisdiction over this case. It went from city to county and then state and no one actually preceded to be the 1st in line of action to step up and say, “Hey, we have it.” One of the influencers in this case was Al Sharpton, basically bringing in the Feds and making it a civil case of racism. The population of Ferguson is 67% black, which has served as a big influence on this case.

Case Label Block 1

There are no actual charges yet for this case, because they are still investigating this case in Ferguson, Missouri. The officer had reasonable doubt to ask Michael Brown to get off the road and to get onto the sidewalk. He had the law on his side if he would have frisked the two young guys and possibly arrest one or both of them. The media and Al Sharpton and other Elites are trying to make this out to be a civil case. It almost seems as if Michael basically committed Copicide. The rule of discretion was followed, it seems. The officer followed through at his own discretion instead of calling for backup.

Verbal Evidence Block 2

Michael Brown had no most-serious felony convictions or pending cases. Dorian Johnson, witness to Michael Brown getting shot, has been accused of lying in the past upon several occasions. This makes him to be a bad witness for this case, good for the officer’s case though.

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