Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearAs we close 2018 and launch

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As we close 2018 and launch into 2019, this seems like a good time to reflect on our accomplishments, and the journey we have undertaken, to get to where we are, and the plans we have for an exciting, bright future.

First off, I am honored to be working with a great, self-motivated global team and could not be prouder to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. It is our people and their dedication that have made Pantheon what it is today.

Thank you!

Pantheon Global Services

We have had a challenging year in the services sector with the random ups and downs in the market.

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Our Global Services teams performed well and managed to ride the waves in the market to the benefit of our offerings. The services teams have grown both in team size and customers around the world. We have served our existing customers well, added many new customers, and strengthened our position in the market. The New Year poses bigger opportunities and new challenges in our services, specifically in talent sourcing and pricing areas, but I have no doubt our teams are well equipped to handle these challenges, and build on our success. Our Global Services business will see even bigger expansion in 2019, both in size and scope.

As an extension of our of Global Services, we began providing non-IT services for the automobile and manufacturing industries. Although we started small with our services in Alabama, with just a handful of employees, we’ve since grown to include many teams with rapid expansion in a variety of states.

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2019 promises to expand our services and customer base nationwide. We appreciate the management, operations, and all the support teams that are driving this new business line with so much growth potential in 2019 and beyond.

Many thanks to the entire global services and support teams for your dedication, laser like focus and surgical precision in execution. Kudos to the all the teams around the world!

Pantheon Odyssey Product – Odyssey Rising

2018 has been the year of global expansion for our flagship product and the creation of formal product sales and marketing teams. The release of version 12 marks a huge milestone in the maturity of our platform capabilities and end-to-end support for even the most complex of business and IT process flows. Our technical teams have once again demonstrated our ability to innovate and spearhead the NOCODE automation movement, and continue to keep our product a cut above the competition from a technical perspective. Our R&D and roadmap for version 13, positions us to be the pioneers in commoditizing and demystifying Machine Learning and making it available for all Odyssey applications and smart forms. We have a unique opportunity to make automation applications with Machine Learning ubiquitous, affordable and usable for small and large companies alike, leveling the playing field, fostering competition, creativity and making digital transformation an achievable goal. We were also granted two patents this year and there are a few more in the pipeline for 2019.

The foundation we have laid in 2018 will allow our sales and marketing teams to position Odyssey as a leading integration Centric Digital Process Automation (iDPA) platform, around the world. We have highly experienced and knowledgeable sales and marketing leadership, and are poised to make big impact in the market. Our renewed focus in sales and marketing efforts, combined with our highly innovative technical teams, will make Odyssey a force to reckon with. I have no doubt Odyssey will be a huge success in 2019 and beyond. I see 2019 as the year of Odyssey Rising and each and every employee of the company had a hand in where we are now and where we are heading.

I am so proud of all our business units. It’s an incredible feeling to know that when I go out to customers, both existing and potential, that there’s no way I can oversell the competency and commitment of our services and product teams.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a New Year filled with peace and joy!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearAs we close 2018 and launch

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