Mercy killing Essay

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Mercy killing

The first reason we support mercy killing is it does relieve the pain that the patient suffer. For patients that terminally ill, there no need to make any actions to prolong their life because this may make them struggle and suffer in the last moment of their life. All those chemotherapy and medicines may prolong the patient life but also torture them physically and mentally as these treatments have side effects on human body. It is quite depressed when seeing the patients having all these treatments. It is a way for the patient to release themselves from all these pain.

Another reason we support it is it will reduce the burden of the patient’s family especially from the economically aspects. From the day the patient started to hospitalise, the medical fees for the patient started to count into the bill. For patient that is not capable to carry on these medical fees, they will feel stress to find money to pay for this large amount of bill. They may start to think of selling their own properties and even loan money from loan sharks, just to pay the bill. The medical fee in a hospital is not cheap, if the patient stays one more day in the hospital, the family need to more money to the hospital. Even the patient will also feel stress when know his or her family members are funding for the medical bills. The third reason is euthanasia can save life. For example, a coma patient who has laid on bed for about 10 years.

For this 10 years, he is occupying a hospital bed, medical equipment and medicine that sustain his life. As we know, almost every day, the spaces in hospital are inadequate for incoming patients. Instead of letting the coma patient to suffer and wasting a bed space, mercy killing an incurable patient can definitely save lots of life. Besides, if the organs of the patient are still functioning well, his organs can donate to other patients who are in need and have higher probability to survive. In short, euthanasia not only bring the grief suffered by a patient to an end, but this method too, can save many others lives. This reason should compensate the ethics problem that the public are discussing for decades.

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