Mentorship to Improve the Performance of Underachieving Student

Mentorship is usually used and theorized differently in diverse fields (Chen et al, 2016). It is a workplace learning approach that is valuable to the mentor, mentee, and employing institution as a source of communicating the tacit understanding of the workplace. As a result of mentorship, beginners are integrated into present communities of practice in the workplace. Mentorship in nursing is a discrete commitment that thrived in organizational culture and fortified mentoring interactions (Ferguson, 2015).

Mentorship is considered important for appealing, preparing and holding nursing faculty members and to sustaining the great quality of the education programs (Nowell et al.


A second-year student has come for a 5-week placement to a hospital and it was informed that the student had been underachieving in his previous placement. This article discusses the context of mentorship in nursing, the ways by which the mentor can improve learning, instructing and evaluation policies to help the student in achieving a successful outcome. It uncovers the learning prospects and resources in the practice area to close the article with how the learning gained can be applied by the mentor to future practice as a mentor.

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The underachieving student

The underachievement of student may be defined as constant failure to perform up to realistic anticipations that are built on the inherent capabilities of the student (Parker, n.d.). They generally consider themselves as being substandard to their peers, do not have self-confidence to confront and complete chores, lack the capacity to design, organize, and toil in the direction of an anticipated aim, and lack persistence.

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Mostly underachieving students sense excessive apprehensiveness and are apparently incapable of controlling their anxiety. They express their anxiousness to the mentor also by going to them frequently and expressing it. Some other underachievers may try to mark their presence by becoming the prankster in the team thereby complying for the absence of self-confidence. Still, other underachievers may be overlooked in the team as they are “invisible” due to their shyness to ask questions. As they do not cause any distraction, the mentor “loses” them as they are silently left behind their peers. In the end, they may become so discouraged that they give up completely (Bradshaw et al, 2013).

The underachievers generally score high in aptitude and achievement tests but ignore classroom assignments. They may be lacking concentration due to numerous external interests apart from studies. They may be having the ability to understand the concepts orally, but may not be able to implement them over to perfection or accomplishment (Siegle, 2012).

The mentor needs to relate professional judgment to the decision-making process by talking personally with the student, observing the behavior of student carefully, and talking to the student in relation to his problems and interests (Butterworth & Faugier, 2013).

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Mentorship to Improve the Performance of Underachieving Student

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