Mentorship Meeting Worksheet Essay

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Mentorship Meeting Worksheet

Please complete this sheet with your mentor and submit it to your instructor.

Date of Meeting:
Meeting Duration:

1. Meeting notes – what was discussed during your meeting?

Discipline in your work environment, being responsible with yourself and your coworkers and help the best possible way to help work get done in a moderate time.

2. What issues have you encountered since the last meeting and how did you address them?

Sexual harassment in a work environment, 0 tolerance to this issue. You should always listen to both ends no matter what is the circumstance and always give the benefit of the doubt.

3. Discuss a change your mentor implemented and what types of challenges he or she encountered. What were some of the successful and unsuccessful points during the implementation?

My mentor told me of a big issue she encounter at her company that lasted for a while, miscommunication between management. Each manager or supervisor was following their own taught and ideas there was no organization and accurate communication with each other. It got to a point where she was thinking of putting her resignation. She took a stand and made some changes and brought to the company professional team from outside, they started to create new policies, laws and regulations for all employees to follow. The success at the end was better communication especially between the managers and at the end the rest of the personnel new what guides and goals to follow to success.

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