Mentally and Physically Abusive Relationships Essay

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Mentally and Physically Abusive Relationships

Why People Stay in Mentally/Physically Abusive Relationships It has long been wondered by many people, why there are so many who stay in mentally/physically abusive relationships. I have designed a study to find out address the reasons and the average amount of women by social and educational and by age group. With this study I will design, I will be using quantitative variables. Quantitative analysis is mathematical (Passer, 2014). In psychology it typically involves using statistics to aid in summarizing and interpreting data.

I will use various scales that will rate or measure severity of the abuse, how long the person has been in been in the relationship, how many children the person has, if these are all of the partners or spouses children, check educational status and also if they plan to leave or stay in the relationship, on what level they are with how they feel about leaving or staying. I will have scales with age ranges and income status. I will also have questionnaires allowing the subject to pick from multiple choice answers which will as such questions as, the severity of the abuse, whether it is mental or physical abuse or both, and multiple choice questions to choose from as to their reason for not leaving. Example of this: I have not left the current relationship that I am in for one of the following reasons. Please circle all that apply

1. I am afraid to leave
2. I have nowhere to go
3. I have children involved and don’t want to leave
4. I still love this person and don’t want to leave
5. I feel that a lot of the abuse if my fault

These are just some examples of the questions that may be asked. In this study it is very much my desire to give others an idea the average amount of women and men who endure abuse and reasons for leaving or staying.

Ethical issues that could arise would deal with getting too deep into a person’s personal life and doing some things that could cause for the person to endure more physical and or mental abuse. The main thing would be to make sure that no one who is helping with this study gets too close personally to a subject, thereby getting involved in the subject’s persona life.

My goal with this study is to adhere and conform to the five ethical principles. I will make sure that all involved in this study are concerned with the welfare of each person participating in the study. I will make sure that all who are involved in the study understand their responsibility as professional and only conduct themselves in a professional manner. This also means making sure they don’t uphold a colleague who may be demonstrating unethical conduct. I will make sure that each study subject knows; at all times what is going on and the no one mislead them, concerning the study, in any way. I will make sure that there is no bias in is no bias in this study and that all study subjects are being treated fairly. It will be my main goal to make sure that all participants are treated with dignity and respect, which also includes their right to privacy and confidentiality. No person will leave this study feeling that they should not have participated.

There are several studies concerning abuse and why people stay, but most of this deal with women in abusive relationships such as Rick Nauert, PhD, who wrote about why women stay in abusive relationships. Researchers discovered that many who live with chronic psychological abuse still see certain positive traits in their abusers — such as dependability and being affectionate — which may partly explain why they stay (Nuaert, 2010). There are however, studies as to why men stay in abusive relationships also and many of them have their reasons for not leaving. There are many kinds of abuse that a man can experience, including physical, emotional, financial, sexual and spiritual abuse (Casimong, 2014).

In closing, it is my goal in this study to obtain information from people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and financial statuses, whether they are male or female. People from all walks of life suffer abuse and although it may occur more in some areas, it occurs regardless of financial status, educational background or whether a person is male or female and at all ages.

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