Mental Health in Every Person's Life

Mental health remains extremely important during anytime in our lives. Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being. Every now and then, our mental health is questioned as we doubt or become unhappy with ourselves or others. People being scrambled in the head often leads to choices and actions not so well made. Being stable (Mental health wise) stays an immense priority, especially in middle school when people (young and naive adolescents) truly find themselves and their place.

During middle school, adolescents go through multiple processes including puberty, responsibility, stress, decision-making, and many other things that question us to choose right or wrong or this or that. Often, middle school students face situations that test their feelings and due to this, they make pathological decisions. Middle school is vastly distinct from elementary or intermediate school. It relies more on taking responsibility, studying more, making the right choices, and having the right friends. Nowadays, friends (in the world we live in) continue a really big problem.

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Occasionally, they stab each other in the back, make the wrong decision, or influence other students to make the wrong decisions.

Throughout all of these mishaps, we tend to learn who are true allies are and who they aren’t. This process teaches us how to make decisions wisely, however it’s very stressful and often doesn’t come along too peachy if they’ve pulled exploits similar to this before. Many times, this gives students depression and messes with their mental health.

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Now, when our mental health is off, adolescents start thinking weird things like ‘I should kill myself’ or ‘I suck’ or ‘Am I short?’ When we go through puberty and other people change (or just things in general), students start thinking horrid notions. Sometimes as well, it may feel student’s flaws have been maximized by a thousand, but generally it’s just their nerves being thrown off. Other than puberty and a change off pace during adolescents, other factors contribute to the state of people’s mental health. During middle school or adolescence the true colors of the world are revealed to them.

During this time, they start to understand elements of the world as they didn’t before. News such as crimes, arrests, sex, etc. present themselves to them and are put in understandable perspective unlike ever before. After finaling getting the gist of topics they wouldn’t understand as a child, adolescents start to develop new ideas themselves. Often, after hearing of crimes, they might try the scheme out themselves like suicide or using a gun. Many times, this results in become psychoatic and affecting the mind. After such things, adolescents may have to hospitalized to regain this lack of mentality and chaotic behavior. As the years go by, the amount of kids being hospitalized has increased. This is regarded as a tremendously huge situation as mental health is a primary priority. A teen’s body requires a on point being (spirit, mind,soul) for everything in their being to correctly function. The effects of not having a healthy mentality can result to a huge amount of consequences. Now, this paper has talked about the factors of what causes disruption in mental health, but now it’s going to talk about the effects. Mental health often leads to lack of social abilities, unhealthy work ethics and grades, possessing the ability to be go out publicly, demonic thoughts, and sometimes even death. As this paper stated earlier, mental health is mainly a pathos thing. Pathology influences the type of decisions people make.

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