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Menstrual Cycle Essay Examples

Essays on Menstrual Cycle

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Admitting diagnosis: Egtopic pregnancy

Chief Complain: The patient presents in the emergency this morning, complaining of lower abdominal pain. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: the patient states that she has been having vaginal bleeding more like spotting over the past month, she denies the chance of pregnancy although she states she is sexually active and using no birth control. Gynecologic History: Patient is graved to par 1 abortus 1. her only child is a year old 15 year old daughter who lives in Texas that…...

“The Planned Child” by Sharon Olds

The total function of the poem was to convey the storyteller's hatred towards her mom's decision to have actually a "prepared" birth. In the very first stanza the narrator explains how her mother "had actually taken a cardboard ... and made a chart of the month and put her temperature level on it, increasing and falling to know the day that they would make [her]," this exemplifies how her mom thoroughly recorded her ovulation cycle in order to understand which…...

Types of Contraception for Birth Control

There are many different types of contraception available on the market today. Each type of contraception offers different advantages and disadvantages, and is not a one size fits all thing. Each person has different needs that need to be considered with choosing their birth control, and some people may choose to not be on any sort of birth control. Religion and differing views may also play a factor in choosing a type of birth control. Tina and Dan are a…...

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Amber's Secret

Amber is an 18 year old woman who has found she is feeling sick and unusual. She comes to find out that she is pregnant and consults her doctor. Being concerned of her student status and what her parents might think are her biggest fears. The fetus growing inside her is almost 11 weeks and has her own story from the inside. Mentioning all of the growth that has occurred and the development milestones she has reached, the fetus is…...

Giving birth control devices to teenagers

Birth control devices have been a highly debatable issue ever since their introduction. When teenagers are involved in the scenario the issue is even more debatable because people believe that providing birth control devices promotes sexual behavior. There are many factors in the world that promote sexual behavior which have been present from even before the invention of birth control. Teenagers are usually more susceptible to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, get pregnant and require birth control devices for medicinal purposes…...

Different Methods of Contraception for Birth Control

Different Methods of Contraception A description of the method of contraception The advantages of the method of contraception The disadvantages of the method of contraception The effectiveness of the method of contraception against pregnancy The effectiveness of the method of contraception against the contraction of HIV/AIDS and STDs Oral Contraceptives The pill contains hormones, progestin and estrogen, which is used to prevent pregnancy. The hormones prevent ovulation from occurring which prevents the ovaries from being released from the female's egg.…...

the negative legacy left behind by some cultures and those in power

the negative legacy left behind by some cultures and those in power who influence us daily. Menstruation, and the stigma surrounding it, has an endless list of influences, however, the most obvious contribution comes directly from culture. As a young, white woman with many systemic and social advantages, I still can identify negative attitudes that are shockingly common in westernised society. We understand significant first world leaders hold no regard for the menstrual cycle and contribute to the stigma surrounding…...

The examinations by Botting 1998 Seu 1999 and Swan 20031

The examinations by (Botting, 1998; Seu, 1999 and Swan, 2003:1) uncovered that a young pregnant student at auxiliary school is related with poor school execution contrasted with non-pregnant students. Along these lines this is caused by the numerous and expanded obligations of the pregnant young person at school and at home, and absence of help from guardians. Slowiski (2001:2) affirmed the exploration discoveries that school high school moms think that it's difficult to adapt to class work because of the…...

Discrimination against women

This week's readings had the themes of prejudice and oppression. These themes are displayed in "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's Hous" + "Age, Race, Sex, Class" and "The Uses of Anger" in "Sister Outsider" by Audre Lorde, "If Men Could Menstruate" by Gloria Steinem and "Real Women Have Bodies" by Machado. 2017. In Lorde's speeches she addresses the absolute essential of intersectional feminism, equality for women of color and the significance of women using their voice to…...

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